Healthy Memory – Top 7 Physical Tips to Help You Achieve It

A healthy memory helps you achieve your desired goals more effectively. There are psychological aspects to achieving it which need to be addressed but also it is just as important to remember, a healthy memory comes from having a healthy body. Here are the most common and effective physical tips to help you achieve it.

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-20

  • If the speed of light is constant, how does a photon have an ability to remain at constant motion? Unless of course it is not moving at all. #
  • Oh boy! If all these things that I have been writing about don't work out as I planned I'm going to look really stupid! #
  • Here's to making the right decisions at the right time! And the ability to shut up and disappear if it all goes wrong! #
  • @ScubaScorpion – question was more to do with the info of how one instant of time/space connects to another – ie 'c' is constant everywhere in reply to ScubaScorpion #
  • Call to go Beyond a One World Government #egov #foia #gov20 #ogov #opengov #
  • #RT This If You Don't Mind Retweeting Any Old Rubbish #
  • When I clicked on HUMOR in BP Public Relations is top of the list ??? #
  • #RT How NORMAL are you? … I checked on Google Maps, it told me I was 3.4 miles from Normal #
  • #RT This If You Never Get Retweeted #
  • What am I doing? Have I got nothing better to do than play with Twitter 🙂 #
  • The best way to find yourself … is to ask the question 'Where Am I?' #
  • I guess I like watching Twitter posts go by when I am thinking about a problem, the pulse of humanity flows by and often inspires… #
  • What can one person do when he knows he has an answer to the major problems in the world, but he doesn't have the skills to communicate it? #
  • Challenges Facing Automatic WordPress Database Updating and Sourcing: #
  • With Automation Comes a Sense of Great Power?: #
  • Terms and Conditions Restrictions – Are They Protecting Anyone?: #
  • No Children Unless You Pass a Degree in Childcare: #
  • Architecture Model Definition to Allow Open Source Interoperability: #
  • Let's Reinvent the Wheel – Again: #
  • Call to Go Beyond a One World Government: #
  • Rules Based Queuing System For Optimum Downloading of Web Information: #
  • Planning the Production of Useful Microniche Sites With WordPress: #
  • Choosing Niches, Microniches, Or Nanoniches: #
  • Management Challenges of Open Source: #
  • Today I've invented "For Absolutely No Reason At All Day". So anyone reading this, for absolutely no reason at all, 'Have A Brilliant Day!' #
  • Happy 'For Absolutely No Reason At All' Day everyone, have a brilliant day! #facebook #worldcup #Retweet #Shoutout to #all @ #Twitter #
  • Now I must leave Twitter alone, it looks busy and pre-occupied, back to #writing #
  • We need people like Michael Sandel to help us understand important ideas of morality that we hold #
  • Eek – I'm walking the tightrope between two opposite worlds – and absolutely failing in both – really need to get better at this! #
  • A bit better for #HAHD Now 38 Articles written and one for redemption, a little behind the 100, still going for the personal goal 400 #
  • Democracy – Have We Lost the Art of Debate?: #
  • Creating a child!!! — Well a Twenty Ten child that is – To avoid confusion it's a template for the upcoming version of WordPress, #
  • @daveyates Above the fold looks great – well done David in reply to daveyates #
  • Got really excited about running loads of microniches under WordPress Multisite – then I started thinking about the database underneath :{ #
  • Am I right in thinking 100 separate WP installs will require less CPU/DB usage than 1 WPMS with 100 in its network? #
  • @daveyates Product pages – highly usable, detailed but clear, interactive – looks good to me – Nice job David in reply to daveyates #
  • #WordPress 3.0 + Custom Post Types + Permalinks = 404 Error … Grrrrrrrr I had high hopes for this… #

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Democracy – Have We Lost the Art of Debate?

I enjoy watching many of the talks given by people at TED (Technology, Entertaining, Design), a small non-profit organisation devoted to spreading ideas that are worth listening to. This one by Michael Sandel, a pioneer of open education, who teaches political philosophy at Harvard is called ‘The lost art of democratic debate’, which highlights how important debates are often avoided by politics.

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