The Spinning Wheel

Distance, Velocity and Acceleration – The mechanics and formulas of motion seem to exist solely within the physical world, so let’s apply them to Internet marketing.

What on earth has this got to do with how successful you are at Internet marketing?

Well, these mechanics exist within this abstract world too. So put your differences aside and consider whether you are suffering from the worst possible fault, that you can ever suffer from, in accelerating towards your goals.

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Anyone want to go for a spin?

The ethics of article spinning has been in question since it was invented. My first entry into spinning content on the web was when ArticleBot appeared, but I never really took to using it. It had some features that were useful, in making any content you created turn into plenty of original looking ones but only by changing sentences, phrases or words. As ArticleBot fell out of favour because of the stupidity of articles being plagiarised and spun and the quality of many of the results it disappeared. I did take my old ArticleBot projects and got my QKSite utility to carry on spinning them but never continued in this world to use the method.

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