Hello World

Are you still there?

Great – Just checking… You were quietly getting on with your own things and I forgot about you for a while.

Who Do You Trust?

Who would you put your trust in?

Do you put your trust in a company? Who has as their ultimate goal to make a profit.

Do you put your trust in the representative? A person representing a party you trust? Is that person the party – or is that party responsible for that person?

We do not need companies any more.

We do not need to vote for people.

The entity that should be trusted should be the one that includes everybody.

Votes should be for process not people.



When there was only ‘here’
‘There’ was invented
But two became three at once
For inbetween intended
To separate here and there too
To become the difference in the middle
The puzzle that one more could never become two
The triad can be the only answer to the riddle