Welcome to One Step Beyond which is the strange name I gave to my blog. I am Shawn Du’Mmett and I am currently throwing myself into learning all about Internet Marketing and how to make a living online. With a solid background in IT and a love for technology, natural science and pure mathematics I must admit I am finding the transition very hard indeed. However I am not one to give up easily, in fact my goal is to get good enough to make one million in a year. Do you think I’m crazy? Well I have other goals too, which might underline that thought. Here they are, though they might change in detail as I go along:

  • To learn, understand and selectively use everything that Tony Robbins teaches
  • To be effective and efficient with my time so that all my goals and outcomes can be achieved
  • To learn from, meet and spend some time talking to the Dalai Lama
  • To find the best people in any interesting and important fields and ensure their expertise is available and used when needed
  • To find and work with the most imaginative, resourceful and creative people in the world
  • To have available the best music studio at any time to let out all these songs that haunt me
  • To study and understand and be competent in all subjects that are important to my goals and interests
  • To achieve one million within  a year and remove future monetary obstacles
  • To learn about and become physically, spiritually and mentally healthy
  • To be a good father and provide the best resources for my children to be all that they want to be
  • To build up a significant economic presence and power that can be released later for achieving my one dream
  • To learn and use the communication skills needed to be able to centralise a global idea
  • To give a successful presentation at TED
  • Create ONE system where everyone can collaborate and govern absolutely equally and effectively, to create something wonderful
  • Ensure our children never have to suffer the unnecessary waste, negativity, injustice, ignorance, suffering and separation that we did
  • To learn and work towards being all that I can be and help those close to me achieve the same
  • To learn, understand and experience the beautiful universe that we live in and achieve all my other idealistic goals
  • To beat death – though that may indeed by where my journey ends … or begins 🙂

The interesting thing is my goals far outstrip my abilities at this moment in time and I do realise that they sound impossible. Especially considering the fact that I am no one of great skill, charisma or resources. I may have read a lot in my life and done well in IT but I am certainly not outstanding in anything. Add to that I am my own worst enemy, my biggest critic with almost a 47 year history of negative self attitude then you really should get a good picture of the small Everest that needs to be climbed.

But, for some inexplicable reason, barring any possible insanity that you might perceive or becoming deceased – I KNOW I AM GOING TO COMPLETE MOST OF THOSE GOALS. I just wish I knew what it was that increasingly drives me this way but I know I MUST do it. Worse than that I think that those goals are only the tip of the iceberg, it feels like there is something even bigger than those coming.

Can you imagine the picture of a rabbit stunned in the headlights? He better start running…

Well that is me. I am blessed with a wonderful wife and children. I do live in a privileged country, area and town, where I have freedom, security and opportunity. I do live in one of the most interesting times in history, when the explosion of change, understanding and knowledge is a wonderful experience together with the formation of the Internet and access to it all.

This blog here is my notebook in a sense. A recording as much as I am able and a means for me to improve the ability to communicate and express ideas in a way that other people can understand. Of course it will be mostly about starting out in Internet Marketing and hopefully will become more readable as I get better at it.

If you have read this to this point of the page and you actually see any part of this in yourself, if you want to make the world a better place in a big way or have goals that far outstrip your ability then please introduce yourself. I know I need to work with people who are creative, dreamers and driven, people who will not just stand by and see the injustice that they see all around them – who ever you are we have some fantastic work to accomplish in the world.

Or if you think I’m crazy, or stumbled here for any other reason, feel free to say ‘Hi’ 🙂

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