Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-28

  • Shawn discovers a new form of WordPress panic – post a large article only to find pagination in his template is broken 🙂 #
  • Great! Thanks @microedge – I am actually annoyed I didn't know when the Manchester #30DCHome one took place – so much catching up to do 🙂 #
  • @CashlessStudent Make sure U dump all ideas onto notepad first before they disappear then hit as many of them as quickly as poss #30DCHome in reply to CashlessStudent #
  • @CashlessStudent Yes,know the feeling, Find often I'm writing ideas down more than I work-My tip-Review them Often!! U don't lose momentum in reply to CashlessStudent #
  • @ishabluebell Thanks for spotting that & for the Digg! No wonder no-one commented! Or maybe no-one actually noticed before 😉 Overhaul Time! in reply to ishabluebell #
  • Comments now working properly on my blog Added a bit of CommentLuv too when anyone drops in & says anything useful #
  • Does your school want to enter the Doodle 4 Google competition? US only though 🙁 #

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30 Day Challenge

Complete 30 Day Challenge Failure – That’s It – I’m off…!!! #30DC

I have followed the 30 Day Challenge since the end of January and carefully gone through the training and actions
– but my site has failed!!!

It has somehow been thrown in the abyss of Google rankings and after trying ‘this and that’ advice, so freely available on the web, it doesn’t seem to recover.

It hasn’t earned a penny … Or a cent … just a 5 views … and 3 of them were mine.

What a waste of time! All that learning, all that effort! All for nothing!!! Here I am, planning on making a million by the end of the year and so far nothing, nil, nought …

However, I can imagine quite a few people of the 30 Day Challenge getting to that point and wondered really how they dealt with this miserable situation.

In fact I want to hear from you! What is your experience?

Here is mine anyway … But beware … It is actually a positive one … if not a little longer than I had originally expected…

30 Day Challenge

After the Event – To Be Continued #30DCHome

After the Coming Home 2 Conference finished…

30 Day Challenge

Last Day of the Conference #30DCHome

The last day of the Coming Home 2 Conference…

30 Day Challenge

The Conference Second Day #30DCHome

The Second Day of the Coming Home 2 Conference Tweets

30 Day Challenge

The Conference Begins Tweets #30DCHome

The Coming Home 2 Conference begins…