Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-31

  • Does anyone know of any stories of anyone going from 0 to a million within a year? Looking for some success stories? #
  • End of the #30DC Pre-season tomorrow – for me that is – I mean ii is going away or anything 🙂 #
  • You really only ever fail at one moment – it is the last moment where you decide to give up #
  • @Ed_Dale Did you get my link after all – you know, the one worry about any big fat copyright problems? #
  • Finished the 30 Day Challenge Preseason, getting ready for the challenge. Who else wants to make a million this year? I'm going to! 🙂 #30dc #
  • Shawn has released the new iShawn in keeping with today's trends #
  • Day 1 on the 30 Day Challenge begins #30dc – here goes… #
  • Just set up my Google profile – never realised they were around until Google mentioned Social Search being available #
  • Just got a Happy New Year newsletter from Microsoft. What? At a time when at least 95% of the resolutions have been broken Happy New Year MS #
  • @Wmath3w np Willer – Will you keep going? in reply to Wmath3w #
  • Really powerful videos (Tony Robbins-Madanes) I am certainly getting addicted to them – Great to see people bounce back #

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30 Day Challenge

Day 4 of the #30DC

I have spent quite a bit of time going through the cycle of Day 1,2 and 3 in the 30 Day Challenge. IMHO it is the MOST important part of the whole process and there exists a lot of information around to help you do this… but I got a Google block – Ouch!!!

30 Day Challenge

Day 3 of the #30DC

The Market Samurai Competition module is great, it gives a listing of the Google Top 10 with all the linking and factors you need – however it may be a little too good…

30 Day Challenge

Day 2 of the #30DC

Finished day 2 of the 30 day challenge. The output of this is 3 microniche sites for competition test.

30 Day Challenge

Day 1 of the #30DC

Here we go … Day 1 of the 30 Day Challenge …



Sorry I should say that a bit quieter – it’s probably only temporary before full restoration but it’s wonderful.

I have been going through an orgy of music and hardly breathing in case I cause it to stop again. I’ve posted all the ones I HAD to listen to first…