Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-28

  • So many people out there wanting to help others! To go from nothing to achieve what they have – except you MUST BUY their products 🙂 #
  • I know a 100 different ways of creating microniches for profit But which way is BEST for the browser who lands on your site? #seo #marketing #
  • Just watched Bob Proctor on – I understand that my Control Panel is stopping me change reality – OK Let's see… #
  • Oh and Happy Brithday Twitter – you're 4 now – and you are still keeping me awake at night!!! #
  • My control panel is broken, I must learn how to make another one… #
  • I'm about to try an experiment that will either globally embarrass me – or – force me to break my mediocrity and get on with things #goals #
  • To learn, understand and selectively use everything that Tony Robbins teaches #goals #
  • To be effective and efficient with my time so that all my goals and outcomes can be achieved #goals #
  • To learn from, meet and spend some time talking to the Dalai Lama #goals #
  • To find the best people in any interesting and important fields and ensure their expertise is available and used when needed #goals #
  • To find and work with the most imaginative, resourceful and creative people in the world #goals #
  • To have available the best music studio at any time to let out all these songs that haunt me #goals #
  • To study and understand and be competent in all subjects that are important to my goals and interests #goals #
  • To achieve one million with the year and remove future monetary obstacles #goals #
  • To learn about and become physically, spiritually and mentally healthy #goals #
  • To be a good father and provide the best resources for my children to be all that they want to be #goals #
  • To build up a significant economic presence and power that can be released later for achieving my one dream … #goals #
  • To learn and use the communication skills needed to be able to centralise a global idea … #goals #
  • To give a successful presentation at TED … #goals #
  • Create ONE system where everyone can collaborate and govern absolutely equally and effectively, to create something wonderful #goals #
  • Ensure our children never have suffer the unnecessary waste, negativity, injustice, ignorance, suffering and separation that we did #goals #
  • To learn and work towards being all that I can be and help those close to me achieve the same #goals #
  • To learn, understand and experience the beautiful universe that we live in and achieve all my other idealistic goals #goals #
  • To never spam the #goals hashtag again … right … it is done … #
  • I am amusing myself now with the image of any reader thinking – poor guy, he's gone completely mad 🙂 … maybe … anyway … and so to bed #
  • Joined FourSquare – It tells me I haven't been anywhere, I'm not a mayor of any place and HAVEN'T HAD ANY nights out 🙁 #
  • Definitely interested in SimpleGeo – loads of ideas for that!!! #
  • Shawn is rewarding himself a little time off creating microniches to look at more fascinating geotargeting APIs 🙂 #
  • I never thought I would say this but I really regret not getting an iPhone 🙁 #
  • RT @microedge: great site all web designers must read is Jakob Nielsen's website – great points 4 #30dchome too| Good Call! #
  • Such a wonderful feeling! You think your mad Just focusing on your goals and the brick wall you think will stop everything – just disappears #
  • Hehe I left my first spam comment today on a blog – I don't do this normally but the blog gave away so much useful link info unintentionally #
  • Keeping up with fast flowing tags like #marketing is nr impossible – Google Reader can't keep up – TwapperKeeper is pretty good though #30dc #
  • Test-Review-Action cycle was getting v.hectic [BUT V.useful] until I realised Market Samurai is providing all that info for free Duh! #30DC #
  • I want to write an article -how to find all the good stuff using Market Samurai – but that'll be bad on the domain owners 🙁 Oh well #
  • As a WordPress Theme and knowing a little about coding 'Thematic' is the best I have seen as yet!!! #
  • @AccessRiches Thanks for following Martin – What does LOA stand for? #
  • @Traffic_Jason Thanks for following Jason – Hope you find loads of super cool people 🙂 #
  • Now I know all about WordPress hooks, filters and actions – I didn't want to learn that right now but now I can do clever things to Thematic #
  • @blackfootbette Is to flirt on Twitter called Flitter? in reply to blackfootbette #
  • @gassho Certainly is different – Facebook friends should be kept out of it – I have tried setting up a Fan Page that's a half way measure in reply to gassho #

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Game playing could be paid for

Another idea from 2004 in the Wayback Machines’ OpenOutsource May 2004 archive ‘It’s a game…‘.

Could an interface be worked out that took the cognitive decisions made in playing a game on one side and connected it to generic task based decision making on the other. The outcome would be that by many people playing a game actual work could be done. These work tasks could be valuable elsewhere…

Beyond One World

One World Dream

A simple idea – the idea that the world can be shared equally amongst everyone.

Taking some time out from site creation I have been looking around the Wayback Machine and found some of my old posts. This one has been with me for some time but I posted a little on my old OpenOutsource site back in 2003 – a One World Dream.


Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-21

  • Just spent ages removing 100s of spam posts and users from 🙁 That wasn’t what I had hoped for this site… #
  • Can’t seem to learn the lesson of not putting any more work into my #30DC site – it’s a black hole, more effort in=lower in SERPs=>MOVE ON!! #
  • Sometimes even with the best advice #30DC – If you set off a tripwire somewhere (Google) your required effort multiplies beyond practical #
  • Or maybe the biggest mistakes I’m committing are ‘impatience’ and ‘unwilling to accept defeat’? #30DC – Two dangerous characteristics #
  • Right, back to my original plan, if sites are likely to fail, then create loads of them, probablility will even itself out!! Here goes… #
  • @Ed_Dale Add &gl=US to your request in the address bar in reply to Ed_Dale #
  • @Ed_Dale Did I hear some PC Users snigger then – come on! – behave… in reply to Ed_Dale #
  • Wow! It’s getting harder & harder thinking of an ORIGINAL idea, that someone hasn’t wrote an article on (and bought the domain name) #
  • @KindCanine The #30DC Facebook Application | Twitterflea ??? That site is scary – looks like its auto generated in reply to KindCanine #
  • It’s such a beautiful day today! The sun has been shining with the promise of the spring and summer ahead 🙂 What could possibly go wrong?.. #
  • MWUHAHAHA! – No reason really …. Just felt I had to say it …. #
  • Forum comment spam is getting more sophisticated – I think there must be something similar to article spinners out there creating comments? #
  • RT @daveyates: new on : How to Write an Amazing Article #30dc #
  • CHART OF THE DAY: Here’s How Much A Unique Visitor Is Worth #
  • What Social Media Users Want [STATS] | Most want news – except for … MySpace – Who want games and celeb gossip #
  • Looking for group of people (a hashtag?) who like sharing different (oft’ novel) ways of making money on the Internet-any suggestions? #30DC #
  • I am fascinated by Google Social Circle #
  • @alanwebninja There’s no one at #russianmafia atm? in reply to alanwebninja #
  • OK – I’ll make one up #SEOIdeas Hashtag – Send any interesting, unusual or new ways that SEO is being used to make money #
  • #SEOIdeas For SEO ideas that someone has published that creates new or better ways, methods or tricks to make money online #
  • #SEOIdeas Send the URL and a brief point about why you think its new, interesting or useful #
  • #SEOIdeas Interesting and easy way of using powerpoint to create videos #
  • Create a ToDo List – Good Idea – Everything coming in prioritise, put in list – Good Idea – Not have any time left to do ToDo List – Ouch!! #

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Interesting Stuff

Lost Posts Found in the Wayback Machine

I found myself looking through the Wayback Machine at and it is fantastic to see so much stuff that has disappeared still visible. If you want to look at how sites used to look then you have got to look back there. You type in the URL you are interested in and the Wayback Machine will show you the dates they stored it on.

I found some of my old stuff in there … fantastic!!! Well … for me anyhow 🙂


Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-14

  • The biggest problem I feel on creating a niche site is – be successful but not follow the herd of anonymous comments, rewritten reviews etc #
  • Looking at who is doing well in the SERPs at times is heartbreaking – so much of it is rehashed rubbish!!! #
  • How do you create a site that is TRULY useful to the person who finds you? How can you truly be an ethical Internet Marketer? #
  • The red pill or the blue one – Which one do I take? #
  • RT @tonyrobbins: "Be who you are & say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those that matter don't mind!" Dr. Seuss #
  • I have a strange feeling I've had this feeling of Deja Vu before??? #
  • Lovely day today – a cold but pleasant birthday BBQ. Also met an interesting character, a medium. Took me back to my childhood interests 🙂 #
  • To put my system of web site strategy testing properly I realise I need 'quite a few' sites to be effective – It's going to be a busy March! #
  • @Matthias_St Thanks for the response Matthias – You sound like you have the right balance – My aim too is 80:20 Work:Research (in progress) in reply to Matthias_St #
  • Oh boy – you can really get lost in the backlinking world can't you – participate but do not procrastinate #
  • @daveyates 1 or 2 surprises in that list of emerging Social Media sites David? in reply to daveyates #
  • Inevitable for me to say I haven't studied Tony Robbins' 'Time of your Life' because I haven't yet found the time to do it. Must change that #
  • Another distraction found 🙂 What does the UK government do with your money Great Site!! #

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