The Last Ever Sun

The loneliness of the distant sun
Never to be seen by anyone
But felt now in essence and idea only
From everything here to there becomes none


Code Source

The code begins with the word
The word become meaning
Everything is run from the source
The source comes into being
Onto the edge of an infinite field the integers run
To the end of the universe to the final sun
And everyone from one has become one
The code itself has written itself
In and out of existence being
The only thing seeing
And perceiving


Thought and Indirect Addressing of Reality

A thought is a concept of a thing. That things may be real, that is, it exists in the reality of a number of people, a common reality, or it may be a concept itself. The thought is not the thing. The thing is in a reality of its own and seems oblivious to the thought being made of it.