The Wonderful Point of the Here and Now

Right now with a flurry of Google Plus invites going on – and off apparently, I see Google has temporarily shut them down – another channel is opened up for communication. I cannot help feeling now though that there are so many things going on, that in the moment of something happening, you will have loads of people taking photos, tweeting, updating their statuses, now I guess hanging out on Google Plus and nobody was actually there to experience the moment.

There is the temptation to become a sort of ‘mobile CCTV’ recording precious moments but losing the point of actually being there to enjoy the moment?

Be selfish – leave the recording to everyone else – Be There!!


Police Car Seen Flying Over Tacony Palmyra Bridge on Google Maps

You might see some funny 3D renditions on Google Maps (Google Earth). Found this one of a police car apparently flying over the open Tacony Palmyra Bridge in New Jersey, USA. Try it out, do the search on Google Maps for the bridge and home in on the middle of it.