I Love Facebook Status Updates

One of the popular articles recently is The 5 Worst Possible Facebook Status Updates and I enjoyed reading it but I disagree … I Love Facebook Status Updates … I’ll tell you why in a moment, but lets run through those 5 worst possible first…

Maybe worth taking a read of the original article first for their thoughts, before I say what I think.

Fifth on the list are the inspirational messages – well, the occasional one from someone now and again is well … actually inspirational. You can spot them before the brain engages and you don’t have to read them though I admit I have removed certain friends previously who only ever post them. Now and again you find one that is just right and makes you think, to show my appreciation I’ll click the ‘Like’ link and it most likely gives them some satisfaction that someone has appreciated it.

Fourth on the list are the quotes. OK, they can be annoying at times because in isolation on a news feed page may mean nothing. But, some are funny, sarcastic or nostalgic and will cause people to stop by and comment. It is good if the quote is associated with that person somehow, showing a part of their personality or what job they are doing. So, I don’t mind. Again, easily spotted, brain doesn’t engage most of the time on them and I scan to the next one.

Third, the being vague update. These are usually heartfelt ones that someone real has wanted to get off their chest. If I don’t know that person well I will probably move to the next update but if I know them and they are actually someone I am a friend of then I may be urged to comment or question the update. Remember, these are supposed to be friends on your list? Though I admit I have picked up a few strangers on the way 🙂 A few decent conversations have come out of the vague ramblings and it’s nice to have understood someone a little better.

Second, is the passive being vague comment, the same applies. If you know and care for this person then it may prompt a conversation, agreement or discussion. Remember again, someone is letting off steam in some way. It tends to be real.

First on their list and lastly here, the ‘whole lot of nothing’. Alright, I am slightly in agreement here. But, still, its an update, someone is alive at the other end and communicating their moment. It can be interesting if you know that person – maybe not often – but you know they are OK, alive and well and what ‘drinking a cup of tea’.

Now my thoughts on the whole thing and what I don’t like…

First on my list are the ‘I’m Bored because all my Facebook Friends are Boring’ type updates. Well – Guess what … Seek and you will find 🙂 That is a state of mind that needs to be passed over as quickly as possible on to the more interesting ones. If anyone is bored then a random thought or statement will get more attention – think about something you like, something you could talk about, like ‘Anyone remember the Tomorrow People? You know that series that was on in the 70’s where the people were telepathic and managed to disappear and reappear any place they wanted with no embarassing incident’ – OK, that was off the top of my head 🙂 Hold on let’s try it?…

OK, this one was based on a certain age group and the UK and took a while to get an answer, but I have had some interesting responses now and not only is it something I am interested in it helps me get to know many of my friends a little more.

Second on my list, is just any update that contain any swearing. That’s a personal one – I have never liked it and generally avoid anyone who talks in total expletive. A personal preference…

Third, the Facebook game or application update. There are many Facebook games and applications appearing all the time and in my opinion really need to go elsewhere. The number of applications that began posting to everyones wall I found was destroying that essential part of Facebook that enabled you to talk to people. Over the Christmas period I found it impossible to see what anyone was doing or saying other than what level they reached, who threw a pillow at them, what ornaments they were given and of course the obligatory Christmas card, over and over and over … Again, I think these deserve having a wall of their own.

Fourth, the cold call or sell. Having an offer of some product or other that will revolutionise some part of my life, health or finances get an immediate ignore. If I see a person doing it often they get a click in the ‘Remove from Friends’ link.

Fifth, ‘the nothing‘. The person maybe offline for a while but often they have been sucked into the clicking void of Farmville, Mafia Wars, Cafe World or wherever. It is unlikely that this person will be seen again for a while. They have joined the Facebook of the Dead … Oh No … That’s another story…

So, Status Updates, I love them, they (mostly) come from real people and aren’t there necessarily for your entertainment. Just simply ignore the ones that mean nothing to you and enjoy the ones that do.

What do you think?

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