SMA Tins Make Great CD-DVD Storage Tins

In the vein of useful ideas – here’s one. SMA Tins Make Great CD-DVD Storage Tins.

These metal baby and toddler milk tins make great storage space for just over 100 DVDs or CDs. Useful for archiving off and backing up all of your videos, photos, software etc..


The Never Ending Story

The idea is this, a story that unfolds sentence by sentence each week. Each sentence can be suggested by anyone who takes part but finally chosen at the end of the week simply by the number of votes cast. Each week the new and chosen sentence is added to the story.

The site containing this could carry on indefinitely running itself, adding new sentences every time there is enough new material voted on.

Having looked around there is a site at – nearly the same idea.


Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-17

  • Do you really trust in statistics? Consider what 100,000 lemmings are telling you 🙂 #
  • Two important lessons I am learning
    – Not just 'DO IT NOW!'
    – But also
    – 'Finish What You Are Doing! – STOP trying for Perfection!' #
  • If you search Google for 'How To Find Chuck Norris' it tells you it won't, because it knows you don't find Chuck Norris, he finds you #
  • I'm still quite deaf = really really missing not being able to listen to music 🙁 #
  • If we are even 97% genetically SIMILAR to a MOUSE – How can we possibly consider such an absurd notion such as RACISM #
  • "Remember stupid people and idiots are only the invention of the mediocre to feel intelligent" – Shawn Du'Mmett #
  • "If you find life isn't fair, best learn to MAKE it better or just learn to live with it, the alternative isn't that appealing" #
  • Has just found out his Firewall must have been made of chocolate 8( #

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