Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-17

  • Do you really trust in statistics? Consider what 100,000 lemmings are telling you 🙂 #
  • Two important lessons I am learning
    – Not just 'DO IT NOW!'
    – But also
    – 'Finish What You Are Doing! – STOP trying for Perfection!' #
  • If you search Google for 'How To Find Chuck Norris' it tells you it won't, because it knows you don't find Chuck Norris, he finds you #
  • I'm still quite deaf = really really missing not being able to listen to music 🙁 #
  • If we are even 97% genetically SIMILAR to a MOUSE – How can we possibly consider such an absurd notion such as RACISM #
  • "Remember stupid people and idiots are only the invention of the mediocre to feel intelligent" – Shawn Du'Mmett #
  • "If you find life isn't fair, best learn to MAKE it better or just learn to live with it, the alternative isn't that appealing" #
  • Has just found out his Firewall must have been made of chocolate 8( #

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