30 Day Challenge

Internet Opportunity System Idea looking for Input and Imagination #30DC

Imagination? Maybe Creativity is enough… Anyway, it’s March already – soon be my birthday 😉 – and after getting 2 months of getting into a roller coaster ride I am now buckling up and getting set to go! Meanwhile an old habit of mine is surfacing, to take a whole system apart and put it back together again – don’t ask me why, I have always suffered from it 🙄 – but I have had success with it in previous incarnations of work life.

I am hoping to put the whole ‘making money’ online process into some order and define the actual systems underlying it.

A bit of a challenge you might think, impossible maybe, but whatever the result I will enjoy it anyway. I have drafted up some of my thoughts, reasons and reasoning here and would love to hear any input from the more (or less if you are just like me) knowledgeable of you. Mainly to prod it and throw stones so I can think more clearly about what I am doing…

Get yer’ stones ready here!…