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Imagination? Maybe Creativity is enough… Anyway, it’s March already – soon be my birthday πŸ˜‰ – and after getting 2 months of getting into a roller coaster ride I am now buckling up and getting set to go! Meanwhile an old habit of mine is surfacing, to take a whole system apart and put it back together again – don’t ask me why, I have always suffered from it πŸ™„ – but I have had success with it in previous incarnations of work life.

I am hoping to put the whole ‘making money’ online process into some order and define the actual systems underlying it.

A bit of a challenge you might think, impossible maybe, but whatever the result I will enjoy it anyway. I have drafted up some of my thoughts, reasons and reasoning here and would love to hear any input from the more (or less if you are just like me) knowledgeable of you. Mainly to prod it and throw stones so I can think more clearly about what I am doing…

Get yer’ stones ready here!…

Oh first, my really annoying habit of putting in a favourite or related music video – ‘Mad World’ by ‘Tears for Fears’ – notice how I shift the blame for madness from myself to the world… I wonder?…

Right here we go…

First the reasons for doing this – you don’t need to read this, just jump to the … section if you just want to see what I am on about.

I am an imposter in this ‘tribe’No, that doesn’t make sense does it… Let me put it another way. Way back … well, two months back,  I made and set myself an ‘impossible‘ challenge. Since then I have dropped everything and followed through giving this challenge my full attention. I did in fact state it quite clearly to everyone and anyone that listened just so I would not find a reason to back off from it. The challenge was simply this ‘to make a million in a year‘!

OK – Now you might see the connection to the Mad World vid

Many times now I wished I hadn’t said it so loudly, at times I really wished I didn’t think it because it really did start making changes. Even worse, here we are two months later and still at nothing – What are the odds do you think that I’ll accomplish it? Well, the probability isn’t quite zero yet and so personally I need to focus on exactly what I am doing. Hence I’ve spent quite a bit of time on just that thought. I will say though that making that challenge to myself has been the best thing I ever done so far – it is stretching my abilities and I might say, in a kind of ‘new age’ way, I am growing.

The other reason for setting the challenge is because I do actually need to get skilled at working out systems that appear to be impossible to define. I have a dream – it’s one that I have put aside for just one year hopefully – it’s another ‘impossible’ challenge set in stone for the moment at Beyond One World. The success on that depends on whether a system can be worked out and if I can capture anyone’s imagination by doing it – so to me – this is an important reason.

Now in principle I would rather be in the situation where I do not have to worry about money and survival in the financial or economic world. There is a lot of talk about the success of the ‘Third Tribe‘ joining the worlds of the ‘Social Media’ Cool Kids of the Web and that of the Internet Marketers into a hybrid where both learn from each other – a ‘Third Tribe’. A reaction and opportunity created by Seth Godin’s reaction to Frank Kern’s methods and the question of what team he was playing on distinguished the characteristics of the two already existing tribes on the web. Personally, although all three tribes have their positive elements, mostly IMHO the first tribe, I belong to my own tribe – ‘One Tribe’, where money isn’t part of the equation and all three play nicely together without trying to make money off of each other. One Tribe where we all work together towards our common goals and compete with our own limitations and not each other.

Anyway, this world does not exist and I have to play the Internet Marketing game, so let’s play it to win!!!
But you might find my way of approaching it a little different…

Right, now down to the system...

Now you got this far you are going on another journey – welcome to my thoughts πŸ™‚

  • In this game, or system, we are here to make use of the existing possibilities to make money. At the moment one such possibility is the system of finding a niche and setting up web pages that will earn revenue.
  • The entry point of this system is to use the search engines reliance of finding pages through keywords or keyphrases.
  • The plan is to find keyphrases that have a revenue opportunity, some competition but not too much.
  • The resources to work this system are a mixture of focused effort (time), tools and services.
  • The point of the function is to make money using these resources.
  • So the ideal of the system is for the lowest amount of work to bring in the highest return.
  • Even though the system works on the finding niches premise, this specific process must give way to a solid generic one – the money can be made in many other ways and the system must still apply.

How to set up the system so it can evolve and fix itself

  • The intention is to first document the system, rationalise it  by proper definition of each of the processes and making it stand generically. This has to be done because I am coming from the standpoint of finding niches and there are so many other ways known and unknown.
  • Once process have been defined, work out how they can be measured for effectiveness and efficiency – for example, in this particular case, we want to find and set up niches with the least effort that will generate revenue. Some measurement has to take place now, recording how long each task takes, what the results were from Market Samurai, amongst others.
  • Once the measurements can be worked out against the return then implementing them will give an idea how much value each process gives to the overall system – for example if a method is used that when measured makes little difference to the return then it isn’t efficient and should be removed, or changed.
  • This gives an ideal terms of reference to add, test and try out different methods and strategies and measure which work and by how much.
  • This year I will be focused on working towards the ideal of the system – mainly selfishly because I want to reach my year end goal.
  • The system taught by the 30 Day Challenge is simple and has methods focused on a niche earning in a reasonably quick time. This course if by far the best I have ever seen on the web and I hope to support it as long as it lasts. IT however has a number of threads which can be tested, the easiest to measure is the effectiveness of its social bookmarking etc. So the beginning of the system will be a subset of the whole course and each thread tested.
  • From the above point even a simple workflow will be a useful starting point.
  • For significance in any results then a number of sites will have to be created – I am not sure that 100 sites will provide mathematical significance to all the results but to create too many will also be an administrative problem. At the moment I think maybe 100 is possible but I would rather a 1000 for example.
  • Each of the process that can be measured and isolated as single tasks do give an option to outsource. The overhead of this needs to be worked out though, outsourcing will not necessarily save money if it takes too long to setup and implement. If it can be done though, I will gladly do it, to the micro-task level if possible through say Amazon Turk.
  • There will be difficulty in judging a site by its effectiveness, though a bit of interaction design might be of help, so other levels of measuring might need to be done, not just by the revenue it makes. Typically a site has a set of functions, but most uses are unintentional by the creator, keeping a site exclusive to its function is important but maybe unobtainable.
  • The simple cycle of research <-> implement <-> test <-> maintain or similar must be used through to enable whatever the system becomes to be open to evolution when new methods or ideas are found.
  • The whole purpose of working on this system is first to reach the goal I am aiming for and secondly to make sure I can make it move from the specific (ie niche) to the generic (ie domain buying as an example) back to any future specific I please.

I’ll stop there – I cannot now move forward without making more sense out of it by drawing a few diagrams and mind maps. As I think it through I will do that.

If you think none of that above make any sense at all then I cannot blame you. I can see what it is but not necessary put it into words that will give you the same image. Another reason I must start getting into pictures.

If anyone can see the point of all this then you might actually feel as excited as I do, I am actually defining what would hopefully be the quickest way to reach the objective of the system without wasting time and effort on inefficient methods and lines of thought.

My final disclaimer is that, as in the music video, it might just be me that’s mad – you are certainly welcome to voice that opinion, I don’t mind πŸ™‚ I will admit any (hopefully not all!) of it may be changed in working out what needs to be done – but that’s called evolution – the ideal of the system is what stands and the processes built to achieve it.

If you do understand all or part, or have any ideas yourself then please comment below. This journey will be more interesting if shared in any way… Especially if you are actually as mad as me …

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