5 Skincare Mistakes That Will Make You Look Older – Yahoo Health

I am not sure why I ended up here but here you are ladies, something to consider.

I just thought, could that last statement be considered sexist??

Well Yahoo Health have come up with what I thought were quite surprising items…

In these days of care for everything under the sun it appears we are taking some steps backward.

Granted the article started off unsurprisingly assuming the following things:

  • don’t smoke every day
    – Well firstly and obviously you have to pick on the smokers when you write this kind of article, it’s only fair; it gives it some credence -  and you know you love to pick on them – it’s traditional.
  • wear sunscreen every day
    – Really, didn’t expect that one. I guess living in England I would never expect to see much sun.
  • spend all on skin creams and potions
    – Potions??? OK – I see a great advertising angle on that one with a possible ‘Harry Potter’ following.

But anyway, I am digressing.

Here is the short list – I leave it to you to follow up with the real reasons, I just added my own thoughts 🙂

  • Over exfoliating
    – OK, Yes, I guess you can get carried away
  • Using the same moisturizer year-round
    – That just shows no imagination…
  • Using a harsh cleanser
    – That hard wire brush can be put away
  • Going green
    – Yep, Never won Shrek any beauty points.
  • Mixing the wrong ingredients
    – Hmmm…. We’re back to the potions… ‘Double, Double Toil and Trouble…’

Now that I have annoyed you with my thoughts – here is the genuine article – interesting reading http://health.yahoo.com/experts/skintype/15491/5-skincare-mistakes-that-will-make-you-look-older/

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