Anyone wishing to make money on the Internet please read this

This starts off like many other ‘Make Money Online” pages but I assure it is not and it exists purely for friends or indeed anyone who thinks they trust me enough to know that I am telling the truth and speaking from experience. I want to point you to the best resource that I know of at the moment that gives you everything you need to know to start earning money from the Internet.

So what am I rambling on about?…

There is a free course that runs each year called the “30 Day Challenge” that really contains the essential bits you need in understanding what it is to make money on the Internet. I have seen many courses before and this one is honestly the best I have seen by far. It actually runs from August each year,  where many will join in and work together in teams to achieve that milestone first step of making $1 online. OK, choose your currency, for me it would be £1 and it may not seem a lot but it is THE milestone everyone has to passed no matter how many times they wish to multiply that number. Now it may start in August but everything is open and available to prepare yourself or to start now on your own. Saying that, I see on Twitter (#30dc) a few starting out on it. Also it doesn’t matter how quickly or slowly you go through this course at the moment, the only important thing is to follow the steps precisely.

The course is headed up by Ed Dale, who I have warmed to over the years since I first became aware of him in connection with Frank Kern and StomperNet, two other great resources for later if you follow this through.

Now I won’t go into all the detail of what is there, trust me, it covers the groundwork you need nicely.

If you follow it precisely and do each step thinking about why you are doing them then you will not fail. You will learn what you need to move on to whatever area you want when you have finished. Even, for someone like me, who has become long in the tooth in this area and been with the Internet since bulletin board days there is a lot to gain by going through the course. In fact, I am right now and I will blog about this going forward.

Finally, if you don’t know me personally, I am not selling you anything. I hope to find some existing or new friends along the way who have similar aspirations as me but that is all, there is no kickback, no affiliate commissions and I am not connected with the 30 Day Challenge in any way. In fact, I am kicking myself for being aware of it previously and not looking more closely.

One final thing, one that I am guilty of, is that if you really want to earn money on the Internet then you MUST do the WORK and not waste time. It is only too easy to be distracted by life, other shiny new ideas on the Internet and other interests that the biggest reason that people don’t achieve it is really only because they ‘don’t do it’ – as simple as that.

So, now personally I have some big plans going forward that I feel I must do this year and I will be going through this course thoroughly to shake off the cobwebs. Let me know if you have similar ambitions and maybe we can share notes and push each other on.

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