Call for Success Training For Our Children

Have you ever wondered about what makes a person successful? What is the difference between a person who engages in self-defeating behaviour and one who is making real progress in their life? Being successful seems to change that person into someone more confident, they stand out in the crowd, almost above it regardless of stature. Alternatively, the opposite is of people who have wasted their lives in misery and poverty – Is it their fault? Why cannot they break out of it and ‘be all that they can be’? What if our children were taught and practised these essentials to prepare them for life.

Is success something that people are born with? Is a person born successful or born into an environment that ensures that they are?

Without going into detail I am sure this is something that we are in fact born with. Without the factors of success being used then the tremendously complex goals of walking or talking would be impossible because a baby would not even bother even trying to accomplish it. It is something that is within all of us however it appears to get damaged. When this damage occurs is probably not something you can measure because it appears to be down to multitudes of negative experiences from baby to adulthood. One thing is certain though without any way of tackling it, this lack of success in any form becomes permanent.

It is not their fault then logically. If they were achieving their desires, having all the factors that would make them successful, they would not spend time in misery and poverty. Of course there are so many levels in between the opposites that every one of us falls into.

The sad thing is this is damage that we all suffer from. If we damage ourselves physically we immediately think of medication. If we cut ourselves we know we must do something about it, possibly immediately. Pain is a great reminder of this urgency. However, when we damage ourselves psychologically it often goes unnoticed and the pain, though possibly not immediate, can last a lifetime and affects the quality of our lives. We have procedures created over many years for immediately dealing with this kind of damage and caring for the victim. There are procedures for the extreme or commonly noticed results of psychological damage but by then, years of damage have taken place.

We are all broken to some degree and need a way of dealing with it. If only there was a system by which we could help each other if we became damaged in this way. How important is this kind of learning compared to others. In fact the learning of these skills would enable a person to excel at learning anything else.

However, there are loads of success systems out there if you look and many who stand out to teach you what is needed to achieve your goals. They can inspire and change lives of many but many more, for many reasons do not manage it. Imagine if all these success systems could be pulled together, organised and freely taught. Imagine the abilities of our children if they learn and practise the methods needed to achieve their own unique purpose in life. Just think of what they would be capable of. Imagine how much less pain and waste there would be in the world.

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