Call to go Beyond a One World Government

With the problems of the world today you must have felt at some time that there has got to be a better way. Well we live in a system created by us, so by definition there IS a better way. What can we do though to create the best way of all?

Life it seems surrounds you with problems that absorb your limited time on this beautiful planet. These problems seem to all come from the culture that we live in. No one is born with these problems, no one appears to have any natural tendency to live their life within these problems and no one really wants them.

You listen to the authorities of the day, to the most respected, or the most vocal and you will always hear blame. You will hear conspiracy after conspiracy from politics to religion.

The reasons apparently for these problems are because of a person in power or a group of people manipulating our lives.

We are these people though, they are ‘us’ but in different circumstances, in a different environment. You think about the decisions that you would make if you were exactly that person, with those exact beliefs and experiences and you come to the conclusion that you would be doing the same, however painful this imagination is.

So what is the cause of all these problems in the world today, is it religion, is it a country or is it a person in power?

Why waste our time blaming these people who have been put into these unnatural situations. They are not to blame wholly for the problems that have been created. We have all throughout history done the best that we can to achieve our beliefs and make a world that follows what we believe, no matter how big or small an impact we make.Those who are in power are given the keys to this power by us. We have created them and we all are responsible for the problems created by them.

Let’s stop blaming each other and look to the systems that we blindly created.

None of us are to blame. We were born into these systems of belief, power, commerce and politics. But we all have the ability to remove these problems, all of them. These problems just exist because of the system we have altogether created.

Blame to me personally is like minlessly passing responsibility onto someone else and that isn’t right and it isn’t productive. We are all equally responsible for the world that we live in and the good or bad that comes from it.

Personally I am no one special; I have no great skills or talents, I am an ordinary person of average intelligence, but having been allowed to think about this idea since childhood I believe this is to be our greatest decision to make through history so far.

Let’s get together and work towards creating a system that universally allows our highest principles and beliefs to be its foundation.

We have the Internet now to communicate, collaborate and share our ideas and actions. Let’s put our very best ideas, principles, techniques and thoughts together and create a single universal system that we all belong to.

Let’s do it openly and freely, allowing the voice of every soul to shape it, whatever it will become.

However complicated or impossible it looks, it is only a ‘system’, most of which is a legacy from our history.

Let’s make it the best system that we can.

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