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I have two main academic interests, pure mathematics and natural phsics. Any science related stuff I will write in here.

Poor Battered and Bruised Earth

Did you ever imagine that you were spinning through space on a giant potato? Need to lose weight? Are you betting on a high number of world records being broken in the 2012 Olympics? Maybe you want to know the best place to build a spaceport or the fastest place to put your supercomputer? There might be some answers in the data from Europe’s GOCE satellite. Continue reading

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Genomic Revolution Meets Fundamental Question of What We Are

The recent accomplishment of Dr Venturer and his team in creating the first synthetic life form from a design run on his computer brings with it endless possibilities. The fundamental question of who we are is hidden in there – somewhere. Continue reading

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Dr. Venturer’s Synthetic Life and Life As We Know It

The question of ‘What is Life?’ is an important one. It is one that has enormous implications for us and sits in the boundaries of religion and philosophy without really entering into science except for a definition that covers the signs of its existence. So where is it in regard to the rapidly mechanical view that you must take when considering Dr Venturers recent report in Science, magazine. He has, with his team, transplanted DNA to a host cell from what was originally software. Continue reading

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Life Version 0.1 Beta

A new revolution is underway that is going to further stretch our understanding of what life is and how it presents itself in the material world. Another step forward has been made and the first synthetic life form has been created by a team led by Dr. J. Craig Venturer and the results published in Science, magazine. Continue reading

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Why We Exist: Proof Matters, That Matter Wins By One Percent

What’s the matter with antimatter, where has it all gone? Results of eight years of Tevatron collider data at the Department of Energy’s Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Illinois, USA suggest that ‘matter’ won, by one percent. Continue reading

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