Changes of Evolution in the Sales Process

The process of evolution takes place through a series of fluctuations and changes to a process, quite often in a random manner. The reason it really wins out is by making these changes the failures are weeded out and the more successful ones are identified, or at least manage to survive to continue in the process.

If this were a sales process this would be like testing out multiple changes and seeing which ones are the more successful, which changes actually bring in more sales? Amusing to think of this common practise as an example of the billions of years old process of evolution that has survived innumerable changes to give us the variety and incredible complexity that exists today. Now any one of these processes are in competition with millions of other processes at any particular time, quite often though in completely different environments and giving different results, indeed the current state of life is incredibly more complex than that of a sales process, but the idea of competition is certainly valid. Some of the processes are extremely successful and users of them continue on in existence developing a blueprint and some commonality according to the environment they are in, but quite often these changes are really just noise and rehashed processes built upon what existed before. See this in the sales world as a successful method that has had a little tweaking or personalising here and there, possibly adjusting to new technologies or applications on the web, essentially the evolution environment.

In reality it can be safely assumed that many of the successful process in the sales processes are being hidden and guarded by the ones who are gaining from them and although a true process of evolution would find them out it still comes down to a degree of research, to help this evolution along. In this one idea is a break from the system of evolution which needs to be looked at deeper. In the sales processes, certainly the state of the Internet at the moment, there are many who freely, or often for financial gain, hand out these techniques, ideas and knowledge on a regular basis and this implies a degree of availability to direct any efforts you might make.

The downside of the brute force of evolution then is that in a random, or without knowledge of the physical forces behind the changes apparently random, changes would be slow going, more suited to having practically unlimited resources and time. So the question arises, how much, and when do you rely on either of these processes.

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