Cuddly reasons for saving trees

If you give money to a charity you expect it to go for a purpose – the purpose being the reason you are giving. OK. This isn’t going to be one of those ‘how most of your money is wasted in charity administration’ posts – though the temptation is there…

So what else can go wrong…

Well, it’s the giving of money to save trees and getting a cuddly toy that seems a bit wrong?
Why would you do it?

Some of the money may get to saving a tree by the bark of its trunk after probably most of it getting wasted in admin, but to also throw the most important bit left on a cuddly piece of carbon footprint simply seems an extremely odd thing to do, in fact quite childish.

“Now, now children, before you go to bed clean your teeth and I will give you a lovely sweet to sleep on”…

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