Day 10 of the #30DC

With a few days separation between Day 9 and Day 10 it seems I would be awful actually doing the 30 Day Challenge if it were running right now. The days have been spent writing and delving into the murky ever changing waters of social bookmarking. Both activities had their own real challenges which I will write about later. For now, submitting your articles to 2 article directories…

Obligatory YouTube music video follows… (I found it difficult to find one related to this subject so here’s the first one that played it’s way into my mind)…

The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds

I felt that EzineArticles has grown into quite a beast since I really last looked at it some years ago. It certainly wasn’t this organised and the laws have been laid down. I guess this is what helped it survived its Google Slap some time ago. It’s almost like if it hadn’t had the slap then it never would have grown to it’s current level of authority. Am I now defending a Google Slap!!! How things have changed – but then it wasn’t me this time. I am now showing that my previous efforts on the Internet were guided by some very misguided guru’s…

Well the article submission was easy enough and quite structured but you do need time to read through all the instructions. I can only hope I didn’t get any of it wrong because I think I am looking at about 10 days in the review cycle before the article gets seen.

Scribd however was a lot easier and I saw the search engines had picked up the document some 6 hours later, even it it was about position 400 that was still a nice surprise.

One thing they need to change in the objectives for today is the adding of the EzineArticles article URL into Market Samurai’s Rank Tracker (or Traffic Bug if you are using it) in that unless you do some clever working out of the title and article id, you do not narmally have the URL’s ready until they are approved. Approval can be as long as 10 days!

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