Day 13 of the #30DC

Day 13 of the 30 Day Challenge – we’re off to WordPress and Blogger today 🙂

With Ga Ga still in my mind from Day 12’s post – a classic here – Queen Radio Ga Ga – Still sad we lost Freddie to AIDS!!
Love the build up at 4:08-> 🙂
Maybe we’ll think of the Internet today in the same reverence?

Right… – free and easy set up of blog. – free and easy set up of blog.

Uhmmm… What can I say?

Only that writing about the same thing over and over can drive you Ga Ga – Remember this niche was chosen on the strength of how likely it would provide traffic without too much competition. You maybe can see why there isn’t that much competition – poor Internet marketing newbies fell asleep before they could finish it.

Thinking back over the work done on the Web 2.0 properties I am surprised at how much has gone into this. I guess it is a little academic once you get the know them all and understand each ones culture (if they have one). I have a note to check out different times of posting to these – to find out if it really is posting something like every other day or to go crazy on the launch of your new page and blast them through…? Test – Monitor – Steer 🙂

I am certainly very jealous of the Traffic Bug idea at the moment – I am drip feeding social bookmarking sites manually (missed a day here and there) and it now takes me longer the writing an article.

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