Day 14 of the #30DC

Day 14 of the 30 Day Challenge brings with it Weebly and some interesting thoughts about Facebook Fan pages…

Obligatory fave YouTube music video is – Vangelis 0.39 – hauntingly easy way to remember facts that you will never use – but wish you could 🙁 I must say I have worked on all those numbers – but then again I love this subject 🙂
httpv:// was another easy web 2.0 site enabling a simple site to be put together in minutes, pasted in the article, made a few changes and there it goes. I wonder out of all these recent Web 2.0 sites which ones will actually show as valuable. i have a feeling that you really have to get involved with them and play the game – we’ll figure out the rules of that game later.

Ed’s pitch on Facebook Fan Pages I found really interesting. IMHO any site that has a message should have a fan page. I even think anyONE should have a fan page, if they have a message or set of interests (not already covered by a group or page) that other other members may join in with. Hmmmm…. I want to play…. Mustn’t get distracted!!!!

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