Day 4 of the #30DC

I have spent quite a bit of time going through the cycle of Day 1,2 and 3 in the 30 Day Challenge. IMHO it is the MOST important part of the whole process and there exists a lot of information around to help you do this… but I got a Google block – Ouch!!!

My work on keyword research got me – horror of horrors – a Google Block. I couldn’t do any keyword research in Market Samurai and when I did it in the browser I was accosted by captcha’s 🙁

Well it lasted for a few hours but put an end to my work temporarily. On the positive side it actually came at a good time, it allowed me to recoup, get a few other jobs done and organise my approach a little better.

The whole process of finding keyword I found got easier and easier all the time. I think I found 30 Day Challenge sites (or similar) often in the Competition analysis and they were in varying degrees of work, surprisingly many I saw were actually working but the author had obviously given up. Whether they were happy to reach a meagre position of the SERPs and move on I don’t know but I was very tempted to jump in. In the end I thought I will keep looking for clean markets and in the end I think I have quite a few to choose from. Now working out whether they are valid markets I think will come with time and I will need to keep a careful record of how they develop compared to the original results that sparked them off. This should give me an idea as I do more of the work I need to do in relation to the competition that exists within that market.

So, I am careful to document all the results I get and keeping them in an easy accessible and searchable place, I use OneNote often and have a research record, with keywords, screen shots of all the Market Samurai Keyword Research results, some from the Competition module together with any thoughts that I may have when looking through the market.

I have tagged each one with a marker, denoting whether the market is ‘good’, ‘too competitive’, ‘unformed’ or ‘possible later’.

A good market is one that fulfils all the criteria met so far in the 30 Day Challenge. A ‘too competitive’ market will have loads of red markers in the Competition module with too many backlinks etc to compete with. An unformed market may be one where there isn’t enough search traffic to create a site for. I think I got carried away at times and found nano-niches 🙂 The possible later ones I though looked quite competitive, but had a great search volume in all the category keywords I could find.

For now I will go for the low hanging fruit until I get more confident 🙂

Day 4 of the 30 Day Challenge focuses on whether the niche you have found has anyone there actually buying anything. So it is the final acid test after your keyword and competition research. It is probably worth taking a long look around Amazon affiliates, Clickbank, Commission Junction and PayDotCom once you have registered. It is a great source of even more ideas 🙂 Luckily as all my niches I have been searching for tend to be product based then I find it to be easy to find affiliates for them.

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