Freedom From Our Biggest Problems

Something that I must put into place into Open Outsource is the idea that we are going to help each other. In the desire for helping each other often we are put off by the distrust in the systems that exist that are there to help, charities, organisations, government policies and even philanthropic members or groups within corporations. The call for charity is often falling on deaf ears, not because the person does not want to help, but in the moment they cannot, or they simply distrust the means of helping.

So we must help each other directly – person to person, team to team. If someone is in pain, they must have something that they can turn to for help. There is no need now with the technology and mobility that we have that anyone should cry alone, not having someone to turn to.

I know there are major causes for pain, the news every day seems to show it and it is soul crushing thinking of what people have to endure. This can end. Easily. Just simply by agreement among those of us that can do something, that something gets done. But it does need to be direct. People need to know exactly where their donations and efforts are going, know who exactly they are helping and what it means to free them from the problems they are suffering.

It is one of the highest ideals that is worth aiming for – that if someone is in anguish, they are heard and there is something there for them to turn to.

Imagine if there was a war, that we could remove all the innocent ones immediately from the conflict – just keep them safe, warm, fed, with their immediate needs taken care of. This seems so far-fetched in this world now, where maybe some resistance to leaving a home behind rips apart memories, hopes and comforts, but to secure life, health and well-being becomes our first priority.

Imagine if there were a means of helping those sinking into the debt disease that seems to be taking over the modern world. Somewhere that they can turn to that will ensure that they keep their homes, able to look after their children the same as everyone else, and having an authority that will step in and take care of the problem for them. I know there are charities for this, but they help sporadically, not personally, not having the support group to help those needing it and to work with them to put them back on a positive future. Enabling them to tackle the debt in a way that gives them the tools and work to pull them out of it.

No one should ever feel alone. This world is diverse enough to put an end to it forever.

The argument against tackling the biggest problems is that it take so many people to fix it. But, there are so many people that actually do want to fix it. Many feel powerless to do it. It need not be that way, we just need to agree together in large number that we are going to do something, and we will. It doesn’t take an organisation of thousands to fix a problem, it just takes thousands to organise and collaborate to fix it. We have all we need.

Imagine that you are helping someone directly out of a problem. Not by donating to a charity anonymously. But, by directly working in a team to help real people, people that you come to know, people that are directly helped and in communication with you as to how it is working.

We are not anonymous – we are real people, directly helping those that need the help. Getting help in return by others. We are together, one people. many tribes, working together as one and as individuals. We do forgive, but we do not forget. The lessons learned must never be forgotten and history will be openly uncovered to see what happened.

How can all this be accomplished – I said it would be easy, though it will not be immediate.

We need to find all the areas where we agree, and where we learn to put in processes that help us work together. To make decisions, to collaborate, to bring the world together, piece by piece until we truly work as global teams. Correcting the problems as we go. Joining in, making everything visible and open to all, finding more and more ways that we can share equally, responsibly and thoughtfully. Using as our direction the highest ideals that we can create, for direction, all the positive aspects of the human mind, heart and spirit. Step by step, working all our systems into one. Available to all. Using our best minds to create the solutions for all, not just a part of it, for everyone.

The hardest part is in the early days of this. With so much that is possible. With the first ones catching the dream and being pioneers. Let’s learn how we can all work together as one.

Are you a pioneer – Come and take a look to see if it is ready for you to join in at our Trello Board.

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