From Evolution to the Project Lifecycle

We have seen how the most effective life giving process in the universe, Evolution, even from a fundamental understanding of the system involved now needs to … well, what can I say … Evolve.

Documentation is needed.

Evolution gets round this fact by maybe the paradigm of the documentation is in the source, but unless we have a system that can effortlessly change innumerable factors instantly and constantly we need to actually learn from the mistakes that are made. Also we are an outside observer controlling the path or goals of the system so we need some way of describing how each part works. That age old horror of documentation appears to be the answer, coming with it a danger of being swallowed by mounds of it and actually bring any evolution firmly and chokingly to zero. Methods of documentation need to be devised that detail the process; allow it to be replicated elsewhere and with someone else other than the originator. Also to learn from what worked and what didn’t and with any degree of intelligence, work out ‘why’. So … not only do we need a process we need something that describes it.

Research is needed.

Unless we have a few hundred years to try out every possibility, by which time everything will have changed anyway we need to include a degree of research. Now that research can be considered really just the random fluctuations of change that is predominant in an evolutionary system, but with obvious focus on a particular area or environment but mostly it means learning from others that have succeeded in this very area. Now the best research ever is the kind you do yourself, as it is obvious that not everything put out as useful information on the Internet is actually of use to anyone, save filling the wallet of the person who produced the content (drivel). So there has to be a means of selecting the research and testing for oneself as to its effectiveness. The other problem in the area of research is the sheer noise that is being produced. The volume of information that is available on the Internet is enough again to clog up the whole ability to get anything done.

Both these area need closer examination and defining but they do evolve our original evolution model to something new … something akin to a Project Lifecycle. Project lifecycles defined in Information technologies include at their very basics a form of documentation, though strangely not all include the access to the information in the first place, research.

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