Get Out of the Burning Room?

Often its feel like the best move is not to play… especially when you are burning.

You experience that feeling of terror that you have when in a burning room filled with smoke. Except you do see the exit door.. It has become clearer and clearer for some time.

There are so many others with you though.

You don’t know how to explain to others that it is there.

You know you could simply leave yourself, and your mind screams at you to get out of the fire, but you know you would not be able to live with yourself, so you continue burning.

The problem is, however, everyone is preoccupied with the fire.

You feel like you are mumbling to yourself all the possible ways of getting to the exit, but very likely not making any sense to anyone around you.

If you weren’t burning yourself quite badly you could probably be more clever about it, but that is not reality…

A couple of flames to put out and I will be back…

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