Get rid of the Fluffy Stuff!!!

just so much fluff by I, Timmy

just so much fluff by I, Timmy

We all love the fluffy stuff don’t we?

Yes we do!

OK – I don’t mean the stuff that you find in remote places around the home, in the deepest navel or novel little cute things that become instantly irresistible. I mean the stuff that we seem to find when we are looking for solutions. The stuff that looks and sounds like it is the answer to everything you need. It is interesting admittedly; it makes broad statements about how we can achieve what we want and tells you that it is the key, sometimes the only key to getting what you want.

That’s a bit general isn’t it, a bit fluffy you might say, but I am keeping this as general as I can deliberately. It’s because it applies to so many things that we search for when we try to get answers on the Internet.

What are the distinguishing characteristics of this fluffy stuff?

Well it could be wrapped up with a fantastic video that sells you the solution. It could look like a really creative approach that no one else apparently has tried but you ‘exclusively’ get to do it first. It might be a gimmicky way of solving your problem that however unusual is so strangely appealing with so many positive looking images that it really must be the answer. There are loads of creative ways to create fluffy stuff that get you drawn in. The worse fluffy stuff you can find is the big globules of it you have to wade through before you even get to something that looks like an answer only to find something undesirable at the end.

It could look like the solution you need right now, the answer you need immediately, this fluffy stuff can get really exciting. The person presenting the fluffy stuff sounds friendly and sympathetic and they “obviously” know what the solution is that you need. They once desperately needed the answer before and in a miraculous way they found it. They can appear almost angelic, they want to help you in any way they can and give you the answer you are looking for, because you are so important to them. Then, often with a clever twist, they inform you that actually have to pay for it. All this entertainment laid on just for you – Well, not you, your money. Sadly this fluffy stuff is going to cost you and unless you whip out the credit card you have wasted all your time.

peanut butter and fluff by define23

Credit: define23 on FlickR

I’m afraid all this fluffy stuff isn’t really what you need.

With so much information on the Internet nowadays the answer to your question is probably out there. It is buried under all the fluffy stuff.

So how on earth do you find a solution?

You find other people who have looked for the same thing and have found it. The more people the better.

You ask them directly if it is the answer you are looking for.

You keep in mind that you must always ‘Do What Works’ and only search for new ways when you have at least done that.

If the answer to doing what works is out there, then it is already being done; this information will be freely available.

Don’t look to any fluffy stuff until you ‘Do What Works’. Once you have mastered that then, and only then, should you search for ways that are better.

OK, I know – That’s annoying!

The answer is in itself a little fluffy – But you have to think about it. If others achieving the same solution are busy doing it – Then so should you.

If you waste time looking for more answers, then please make sure you keep your credit card details away from your machine. Unless you know how to use it this fluffy stuff it will happily sit ‘paid for’ on your machine until you discover the real answer.

Do! What Works!

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