Google Algorithm defines the Sum of Knowledge

The whole sum of knowledge is being controlled by a Google search algorithm.

It is scary to think that we pander so much to a search algorithm. In fact if you think deeper about it it all becomes very ‘catch 22’. Was it defined by knowledge or was knowledge defined by it?

You see, to be noticed you must talk about or categorise the extent of your knowledge of a niche to the keywords that Google expects to see or no one will even know you are there.

Isn’t that in reality absurd, a real distortion of reality is taking place. If it continues and the algorithm becomes more complex then it could define actually the knowledge that you have access to when you search for it.

Imagine, Google becomes more powerful over the years and as times go by, new research and information disappears, even regarded as SPAM and ignored by the behemoth.

People will become imprisoned by the walls of knowledge set up by this algorithm and humanity will go into hundreds of years of no progress, into a horrific second dark age.

Only to be saved by a crack team of black hat internet marketers who discover how to circumvent the algorithm to sell viagra will the world finally be saved.

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