I need critics – Do you want to be one?

I have recently started this blog in an effort really to sharpen my skills at writing. This is a skill I must get right for all the website work I am planning to do later in the year. I tried a lot on my ‘radical idea’ site http://blog.beyondoneworld.com but I found that I wasn’t really get my message across so I know I have lots of improvement to cover – I’ll be back to Beyond One World next year. My experience changed though when I wrote something that only took me 15 minutes on a CNN article called Me? A Facebook self-centered careerist? and received a few kind remarks???? Someone actually enjoyed reading it???

So combined with my new year’s resolution and the decision that I would sort out my skills and not outsource any writing, I am here. But, this step hasn’t really come easy to me and I really need to work out what actually works and what doesn’t as quickly as possible.

So, unusually,

… I think I need some harsh critics!!!

Do you think you can do this?

I don’t mean venomous, right to the jugular and personal criticism – I mean I have myself for that 🙂 But enough to point out to me areas I need to improve. If you are a writer yourself then I am sure I can return the favour.

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