Internet Marketing – Another Vision of the Future

It is interesting to see someone predict the future, this is a rich pastime that allows you to use stereotypical models of what the future will hold with specific instances or knowledge that you may hold. It is fun when you apply it to your friends though as Kenny Goodman has done in his blog. He called it the ‘Ugly Truth About the Future of Internet Marketing’.

If you look do you see the consistent members of a team there? Most of these guys are going to be connected in one way or another for quite some time ahead.

So what of the future?

Kenny has the stereotypes of droids and holograms there in which his friends use as a means of casting their telepresence – driven I’m sure by omnipresence tendencies, a typical desire for current Internet Marketers. We are used to projecting our voice, which has been around since Thomas Edison sang ‘Mary had a little lamb’ into his newly invented phonograph in 1877 and we are more familiar now with the projection of our images with web cameras, so it’ll be interesting to see how that develops in the future.

The bit I found inspiring was the ‘thought transference’ idea, an idea that took me back to my schooldays ‘Applied Science and Technology’ GCE O-Level project in biofeedback. Even though the transference of thoughts, images and feelings is way off the idea of controlling an input device just by thought is incredibly easy now.

I notice the 4 broad forehead lines were iconic there – I wonder if anyone has a product for this, a stick-on ‘make me look older’ plaster that you just slap on the forehead.

I think things will change more than what Kenny has dreamed up here though. The area of Internet Marketing will be gone in my opinion, as the whole of the Internet becomes ubiquitous, it’ll all become just textbook marketing. If of course textbook is the right phrase to use when talking about 2032.

I am not sure if Kenny has lined up some comeback from the friends he has had a dig at here in his often unflattering future renditions of them; I guess we’ll see if there is any reaction.

I found the blog comments a really interesting reaction to the story – some quite negative and others showing a turn in the kind of response you might expect to get on a blog and one that is definitely borderline spam.

A dream too far…

The only point where I think Kenny has gone too far however is the mention of the ‘female algorithm’.

Pure fantasy I’m afraid…

Kenny Goodman’s post on his vision of the future is at

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