Internet Marketing from an Evolutionary Perspective

I must add at the beginning of all this that I am by no means an expert in evolution. I learned a little at school, I learned a bit more when I did an open degree in the sciences that intrigued me. So what I say here about the theory of evolution is plain conjecture build upon a little knowledge and a lot of imagination.

I guess strangely enough I am just simply a product of it, that quite by some quirk of the systems and patterns existing in the universe that this product is actually is trying to understand the rules and systems that created it.

The created questions the creation mechanism, or is it the creator? Is one part of the same or simply the product after it? Where does the creation begin and the universal principle end?

You can tell I have had a lot of pointless inward but universally focused questions haunting this machine. This biological machine that at this time is writing about something not entirely unconnected from all the deeper and philosophical questions that religion should have out straightened out before this product’s very own memory of existence.

Ironic isn’t it, in the true sense of the word, not like the Allison Morrisette definition of oddness in ‘Isn’t it Ironic?’, but in the true sense of irony that we find ourselves in.

Again, what has this got to do with Internet marketing…

Well, ringing back to the one successful system that rules them all, a ‘child of the shire’ is keen on learning the power of this system and using it for his own ends. Not quite as a system to rule them all, but again, nicely ironic I think, for the system to destroy the system of ‘rule’ once and for all.

Evolution has a few keys from my simple view of it that opens up how a system should really work if it needs to survive anything. It is the one method that has sustained life here that has been through the testing of the environment for millennia through a process of making changes.

Not just change without care in a sense, but changes that must ensure that the system continues on no matter what the universe throws at it. The creating or discovery of a system not needing a plan to survive, but a process that creates in the end the ultimate blueprint.

However, a contantly changing blueprint that recognises above all else that ‘testing’ accomplishes evolution.

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