Market Samurai and Web Content Studio work together for content gathering

I just discovered a great way that these two valuable products work together that speed up collecting information on your microniche. When creating content and researching in Web Content Studio you can integrate the power of Market Samurai‘s Find Content module to pull in useful facts.

Web Content Studio has a useful feature called the grabber, it will collect all the things that you copy into the clipboard and place it within its scratch pad. This makes collecting all thoswe Wow facts really quick. However, Market Samurai will find the most popular articles based on your keyword and allow you to browse for useful information from these authoritative source.

If you have the screen grabber running in WCS whilst you are looking through the important content in MS then just right click the interesting bits and click ‘Copy. It immediately gets appended to your scratchpad in WCS ready for when you are going to write your article – A very big time saver.

It’s just a shame I cannot script these applications together…

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