Massive thoughts like monoliths

Thoughts get in the way…

For a long time I have used the technique of freewriting to start of writing about a subject to make a quick start on a subject. Usually I have already got a subject in mind and have, or in the process of browsing, the information needed to form into an article. I found it the easiest and most effective way to stop writer’s block interfering and slowing progress. Over time however, when procrastinating or letting my mind wander I have done this and found the subconscious often filling in the gaps and producing often what seems nonsense at first but later shows up more interesting thought forms.

Now I don’t know much about the subject (but I am steadily taking more interest in the phenomenon) of automatic writing, or channelling, but over the last year or so I have certainly heard lots of examples of it happening. I feel a new project idea coming on 🙂

I will create a project to investigate this for myself, and try out various ways this creativity can be stretched. I know certainly that my writing decades ago used to allow me more freedom, but since embedding myself fully in science, IT and project management, I used to rarely let myself out of the bounds of what I believed was right and possible. Having read more outside of this scope now (and possible just getting old) I really see how restrictive I have been on my own thinking, always cutting out un-truth’s with a sharp knife of knowing better, leaving me sensibly, but depressingly uncreative in the areas I used to be so strong in. So this project will be rather exciting – I am not sure where exactly to put the material (maybe on – which I am getting a lot of ideas for) but I will try to use the material, or the process, more effectively.

I tried thinking about what was going on here and just freewrote – without this time trying to think or judge anything written for sense. Later I tidied up an syntax or typo’s, but left everything else untidily as it was. There does seem to be a number of interesting ideas in there that consciously I have never thought of before, so certainly the source of inspiration is useful.

Following – is the freewriting (please let me know if it sparks of any interesting or novel thoughts, I would love to know how others do this.) This all got produced within 10-15 minutes.
The tidying up, embarrassingly, took longer than this 🙂

“Massive thoughts like monoliths, towering fixed unmoveable, imprisoned by thoughts / by what you know – What you believe and hope like the clouds and winds in the universe of concepts. Life is infinite, light, always changing. Thoughts build structures and shapes holding each other in place. Thinking of the perceived creates a symbol of the seen, an illusion but a concept in which to navigate the singularity. Ideas out through the fog that escape to infinity becoming universes, played with, watched, eaten, walked on, the weather of consciousness out of this reality. Like spacetime thought is its own dimension relying on something unthinkable that toys with its rules and truths to calculate. We however seem to be trapped by them, unable to release ourselves from endless curiosity, of the unfathomable. To know it all we however would cease to be and be just the concept of all. To be this would simply mean not to be that which we are. We wander around ego bound within our created structured, at times caught in logical knots but blind to the shape. We can be only one thought in attention unless we let go and let us be everything that we are, without losing our eternal ‘I am’ we can be it all. Just stand apart from itself, form the perception, and sense, thus creating a pattern to manipulate, the else, the other, the thought. Altogether we have created a formidable structure, ever changing, ever different, in every possibility and we borrow its energy to experience. The fire of life, through thought, creating the shadows of reality, flickering on the walls of our experience. Real illusion and paradoxical truth on the connective energies in the mesh, giving us fixed points by which to navigate our knowing. The observer and the observed, the thought and the subject, all part of the one. Expectation and reality combining probability. An infinite number of things being sorted by the mind, putting those that are this, into other than those that are that and after the eternal task is done confounded by a mind that exists that is neither this nor that. Life, the universe, everything that is and everything that is not, and everything that is none of the above and nothing that is both, being pondered by a mind that is being, finding the answer to it all and thinking. Realises beyond its being that answer is not a thought at all. To be a thought, alive and full of being in its creation, to exist with pattern, vibration of no space in time, reaching everywhere at one moment but not being anywhere. Its shadow in space-time racing across the universe, in other dimensions being held like water in a desert, creating storms in far off reality and mixing with its kin and evolving in a landscape of conceptual being. Everything thought that is, whose shadows ever was and will be, create a perfect thing that is whole, is beyond description and possibility. As a wave, a blob, a probability, an essence, thought although infinite will only ever be a symbol of what actually is, an infinitesimal dimension containing everything but nothing. Thought, being, play and frolic in the conceptual oceans. Need to script out the belief system from the mass of thought, to enable it to be comprehended by physical mind, defining well the modules of consciousness so that they can be created, called, connected, belief systems under control of what is already self-aware. Playful conscious programming of thought to create knowledge structures possible of infinite experiences and realities.”

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