Memory and Doing the Impossible

Our greatest asset is our memory. It is the only one thing that we actually own in life, it is truly ours and nobody can say that anything you remember belongs to them. You cannot own someone else’s memory nor can they own yours. With everything else that can under different circumstances belong to another person, your memory is the one thing that you have owned since you came into being.

It doesn’t seem to be a physical belonging, however. It isn’t something you can hold in your hand, it cannot physically be moved or put somewhere else, it is within us and available only to us as an individual. You cannot truly leave a memory somewhere, like a photograph and have someone else look at it.

Of course without it you would not be able to do anything, like reading, speaking, move around your environment, have any relationship with anyone. The difference between your memory and who you actually are is indistinguishable; you are essentially what you remember.

Imagine if the technology existed that made this a possibility. To say that your memory could not be stored on a medium of some kind was not entirely correct. For example that your memories had a physical structure that could be placed somewhere and like software saved and archived, much like the memory of things on your computer can be stored on a hard drive. If this facility existed we could possibly download everything we remember onto a medium and made available.

What a great resource that would be for future generations.

But wouldn’t this be a rather comfortable thing to do? All your hidden thoughts and feelings about past events would be there available to be retrieved. All your misdemeanours would be recorded and exposed. On the positive side all the beautiful and wonderful things that you saw, heard or felt would be stored there too, all the happy moments of your life, the memories you cherish.

Impossible you might think? To store all this on a medium that could be accessed freely?

However, impossible it may be to repeat by anyone, you are doing it already.

Beyond any current technology you are doing this right now in this incredible machine that is part of you. How it actually works is currently unknown but research is increasing in this amazing facility.

You are, without thinking about it, doing what is currently impossible to do and have been doing this since you were born.

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