Module 1 Day 2: Niche Ideas! #tc10

A delay here, currently the course is jumping onto Day 6, but that is the beauty of having this new 30 minute format, there is time to catch up. The Challenge 2010 lesson for Module 1 Day 2 is all about finding Niche ideas, apparently you go downwind of them and creep up quietly, then when the Niche least expects it jump on them and put salt on their tails. No not really, it is much easier than that – you don’t need salt.

The reason for the delay is twofold. One I lost my posts on WordPress, I found out how annoying it is when you are tired and mix up a restore with a backup. The other reason is I Have come back to Day 2 to put more effort into the process, I am going to step up and create a few more sites using this process than I originally planned. I have the time and the energy – so here we go.

This lesson, finding niches ideas…

Brent Hodgson of Noble Samurai reaffirms what niches are and shows how to look for them both online and offline if you are short of ideas. Of course if you have an idea already that interests you then investigate that.  The two online methods identified were:  looking through magazines in Amazon and the Search based Keyword Tool (SKTool) of Google (used by its AdWords users primarily). The other places for inspiration briefly were bookstores, Yellow pages, eBay and CraigsList.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to make sure it is a niche that you have some interest in or the worst that can happen to you will be that it becomes successful. Oh Yes – success will mean you will need to get to know this niche. If you have found a niche such as “History Teacher Lectures for Insomniacs” , then you will have to delve deep into the finer points of what makes history teachers so boring. Sorry to any history teachers out there, I am just recalling those lessons in grammar school of writing until my hand hurt whilst the history teacher paced up and down talking about the Renaissance and how bad teaching was in those days and sometimes a pupil was known to fall asleep. Our geography teacher was a keen shot with the blackboard duster and chalk should you not be paying attention to his pacing lectures so the risk of a ricochet on your school desk kept us in full attention.

What’s this to do with finding niches you might ask – or have you fell asleep – well, teaching nowadays is so much better, in full multimedia, and bite size modules. II understand from Tweets from a few of the female challengers out there, watching Brent Hodgson to be enough of an incentive to stay awake. Come on – the man has already shown us he can move faster than a noble samurai in catching falling laptops at conferences, is there no end here.

The action to come out of this is to create seven niche ideas ready for the rest of the process.

Why this fixation on 7 I thought, is there some mysticism associated with the 7x7x7 method proposed by Ed Dale and the 7 ideas. Hmmm….

On a personal note I almost made a mistake here again.

Of course I know all about this and can find niches on the back of my hand (I really must wash that ink of sometime soon). I was reminded a day later by my team that some were making the effort and sharing their choices. Ahhh!! Follow the program and now I will do exactly that, with one difference – Il will do it sevenfold – Yes the mysticism is working on me too – my birthday is on the seventh so scientifically that’s a logical decision for me to make. If I can afford to spend 7 30 minutes in a day easily on this then why not, I will create 49 ideas instead, as soon as I have finished typing this sentence.

Here is a useful link:

Also here are my fellow Challengers Journal Blogs

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