Normal Memory Loss Due to Aging – Time To Take Action?

Until someone learns how to programme the DNA in our bodies and upload a checksum routine to restore them back to their original programming we have to deal with some changes. Around fifty years of age is when noticeable differences in how efficiently our memory works become noticeable.

First of all I must let you know, none of this is normally very serious and is in fact just normal. It isn’t as if the whole function of your memory shuts down, the changes are small, but nonetheless noticed. Their effect on your life will normally be minimal. This isn’t a debilitating disease that will constantly haunt your every waking thought, but something that occasionally you will be conscious of and possibly concerned about. It is just a time when you need to look at what you need from your memory and deciding whether you should be doing something about it.

Although most people get through life without really being concerned about it, it seems a natural and often a great source of humour when you uncomfortably forget to do something you’d rather not. Put in your own experiences here, I am too embarrassed to insert my own.

So most will not do anything and just accept it. These effects happen in a time of life where you have amassed a powerhouse of knowledge and experiences in your brain. Your brain has more work to do to keep it up to the standard you expect from it, but there is nothing really to worry about if you lead a healthy life.

What are the effects?

They are all caused by changes in the function and structure of the brain. You may notice a general and very slow depreciation across the senses.

With your sight you will notice that you are unable to focus as well as years you did before and glasses, if never needed before, will become a necessity for reading small print.

With your hearing, the sharpness of it will begin to dull. You may feel like all those rock concerts and rave parties in previous decades are beginning to take their toll on you.

With your memory, the effectiveness of storing information in your memory slowly decreases. It will effect how fast you can process all the information coming in from your senses and the efficiency of the process of recalling it back.

This is a time of choice, whether you accept this deterioration or do something about it. Having this happen to you is a great opportunity to learn what it takes to increase the power of your memory. If you previously have never used any strategies to improve it then this could be a great time of your life. It is possible now to find out how powerful your memory really is. You can learn now how to use it much better than ever before in your life.

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