Preseason 30 Day Challenge Notes Part 2

I decided I was wasting a little too much time digging deep in the UStreams so my notes for this and further digging I will blog later. Better broad than deep. At least for now.

So the Pre-season…

Twitter – Keeping Up To Date

  • 50-60% of people who go to Twitter don’t return – Wow – Surprised by that. But then again Ricky Gervais didn’t get it.
  • Ed Dale regards Twitter as THE most important development since email & IRC – seeing him say similar years back in the streams is an impressive prediction.
  • Twitter changed from a way of not only communicating what you were doing but what you were thinking, what was happening around you.
  • Avoid following a bunch of new people – too much noise, much may be irrelevant
  • The common thing is when someone follows you – you are compelled to follow them back
  • Ed sees it as VITAL to your marketing efforts

Twitter – Sign Up and Get Started

  • Already had a Twitter account and used it occasionally but did do a friendly follow from many guys in the Warrior Forum so I did suffer from the noise problem.
  • My exercise in exorcizing my follow list was very therapeutic, though admittedly a little uncomfortable, but I did resolve that I would catch up with my old follows sometime in the future and see if they were still active and useful. I wondered whether using the lists feature in the future would be a useful way of handling your different tweet needs.
  • Suggested ones to follow for now in the 30 Day Challenge was Ed_Dale, DanRaine,Robert Somerville gurubob.

    🙂 🙂 🙂 Well Ed often sends through pictures of food or beverages “What are TimTam’s?”, Dan has fell out with Hostgator Customer Services (I love Dreamhost personally)  and gurubob (the one I suspect who is really in control 🙂 ) sends through sensible quotes and facts.  🙂 🙂 :)  Reality is there is quite a lot of useful tweeting between these three guys alone and I suspect they get pretty busy around the summer.

Twitter – Set Up Your Profile

  • Lots of useful basic set up info – Important to get a photo up there.
  • Interesting focus on the Trending Topics

Twitter – Meet Seesmic Desktop / Using Seesmic Desktop

  • I did find that Seesmic did slow my Dinosaur PC to a slow crawl so TweetDeck became my tool of choice. This is a personal one. Seesmic looked nice and easy whereas TweetDeck takes a little getting used to – but I find I am loving it more and more. Checked through the videos however to make sure I wasn’t missing out on any functionality – feel safe. The only problem I found was that TweetDeck was bringing me wall posts from applications I had blocked – I’ll check that later when I am paying Facebook more attention.

Firefox – Why Firefox?

  • 🙂 Nothing I can add here 🙂
  • I did like how gurubob put loads of links across his bookmarks toolbar. I must admit I never did use that properly.

Firefox – Installing an AddOn

  • Google Global (still experimental?) – What a great addon, especially for anyone non-US – I missed that one. I did get a little caught out when installing it wondering where it went 🙂 But the video shown on the Google Search a simply RIGHT-CLICK was necessary. Must pay attention in class 🙂

Firefox – Recommended Addons

  • Google Global – as above
  • Search Status – already using it 🙂
  • SEO for Firefox – this I found quite painful to get through – eventually managed to sign up and get access to the Tools. There were a number of other tools and PDFs there – will look back later at this. Also I had previously used SEOQuake – again comparison of the two applications I will leave for now – stay with the program 🙂
  • Stumbleupon Toolbar – Been so long since I have been here and couldn’t remember my old login, so set up a new account, did a quick ‘I Like It’ on one of my blog pages. Did a quick look around, looked at my new email, but thought I will not make any changes just yet to the profile. Let’s see what is coming.
  • Coolpreviews [Optional] – This one I had been using before, cannot now live without it 🙂

Firefox – FasterFox Plugin [Optional]

  • My FireFox was 3.5.3 and I was disappointed to see no update for anything beyond 3.0.3. Ah Well… Another solution will appear soon hopefully. I do have planned a few powerful machines when things are rolling 🙂 🙂 🙂

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