President drops Lost plot in national address

President drops ‘Lost’ plot in State of The Union address
Has Obama really lost the plot?

By CMN Reporter, Shawn Du’Mmett

Last minute changes to the script which included an analogy drawn from a plot in ‘Lost’ for the national address by President Obama planned to be given later in February were deemed inappropriate when moved back to the second.

Unfortunately this coincided with ABC’s premiere of the final season of ‘Lost’.

The President speech started off magnificently:

“Madame Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congress, and the First Lady of the United States:

I’ve come here tonight in the same spirit as the first address given to the people by George Washington back in 1790, to embrace with great satisfaction the opportunity which now represents itself, of congratulating the distinguished men and women in this great chamber and the men and women who sent us here for changing the destiny of our nation…”

President Obama continued then to disclose his much awaited proposals to cut the federal deficit and job creation and used an analogy centering on ‘mythology versus practicality’ in which the main plot of Lost became exposed.

For copyright reasons and pressure from the corporate giant ABC, we are not allowed here to disclose the actual words of the address but apparently John Locke was apparently redeemed, so we now know he is alive and whose usurped spirit managed to save Jacob at the last second of being burned and stabbed by Ben Linus in the final episode of season 5 of the hit serial Lost. It was the ending however that has caused such a problem and the President’s analogy of John Locke as a hero representing mythology and mysticism losing out to Jack Shepard, who become a non-hero and less liked representing the practical and hard work solution. This was likened to the apparent mysticism created by the federal government in trying to defeat the deficit caused by the recession against the hard work and practical measures behind worked on by the distinguished, but without hero status, men and women of the nation.

As the plot unfolded a great silence ensued in the chamber, only broken by the crashing sound of House of Representatives, Vice President Joe Biden falling off his chair behind the President and receiving immediate aid by the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Joe Biden is currently reported as being comfortable and should be out of hospital within a few days. Noted also was the flurry and brightness of many mobiles being used to catch up with the live streaming of Lost being cast at that very moment as President Obama hurriedly finished the rest of his speech.

Afterwards it appears that Damon Lindelof passed a screener DVD to the President because it had become quite a hit in the Obama household but the President was unaware of the timing of the important plot lines and used the analogy in his speech in an effort to present politics to the demographics who couldn’t care less.

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President drops ‘Lost’ plot in State of The Union address
Has Obama really lost the plot?

By CMN Reporter, Shawn Du’Mmett

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