Progress on the Make A Million In A Year Challenge

Well, I have avoided posting on this for so long I thought I should give an update. At the beginning of the year I made the decision I would stop what I was doing and focus on Internet marketing and challenge myself to making a million in a year. The progress…

Well it’s all gone backward…


Because I found I was investing time and money in trying to find the answers to how it should be done. Of course this is the biggest problem for anyone in this area without maybe a mentor or personal teacher who has already done it.

What happens?

You find yourself on the hamster wheel of the learning cycle, finding another bit of the puzzle after long searches and then piling them up, sorting them out, so you have information covering everything.

But you haven’t done the puzzle.

You haven’t worked on it?

So then as time runs out you need more short term solutions and so yo go looking for them. Another set of puzzle pieces collected. Of course you have no real idea which actually works or not, but you try some out, of course Murphy’s Law seems to play out here and you either select the ones that don’t work, do it wrong or even wonder whether any do work at all. More piles of puzzle pieces take up room on the hard disk.

Then as time goes by, things start to look really grim and you go then trying to find more immediate solutions, things that can be started within a a week to make money. More puzzle pieces. Strangley though these seems to be more common. How many people that have never gone into IM before made zillions in their first weeks? Plenty of pruducts out there claiming that.

Of course I get the wonderful idea of actually asking a few of the most well know IMs out there what can be done. Absolutely no replies. Hmmmm…. A good human interest study in there I think?

Well where has all the time gone?

For me I have wasted a load of time following bad teachers, of course they seemed OK on the sales pages. There are loads out there and I feel like I want to get my revenge on them – really, well not on them personally but this whole con that seems to be taking place! There are a few walls out there that need tearing down. In fact I am really angry at some of the products I am seeing out there really focusing their attention on the ones who need good advice most. I see it as a kind of social cannibalism, people feeding off the ones who are worse off than themselves and at the current state of the Internet and recession it is all too easy. Beware of these underdogs… they don’t always stay there!

For me too, I have wasted time on my own projects, not focusing on what I really should do now to keep the wolf from the door. I am a bit of an idealist and would much rather work on my own pet projects than think about money in any form. So time gone there…

Of the work that has been done so far too – I see unfinished projects. Attempts at ideas although exciting to start didn’t show any sign of being of value later, so they get left. A wasted effort…

The result – well my balance is more in the red than it has ever been in my life and cannot go any further. Seriously.

Is there anything positive to report?

Well I have learned a lot…

I have had a lot of character building experiences…

Not much value in that really is there? I do still have three months to go.

What can I do now to achieve it?

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