The Challenge 2010 Blog Journal List #tc10

Here is a list of 37 Blogs and Journals following the journey’s of The Challenge 2010 entrepreneurs.

Up to Module 1

Made it to Preseason

Please let me know if I missed you out or want to make changes to this list – I will update it on a regular basis.

So what’s all this about – read on…

Today will be the start of this year’s renamed ‘30 Day Challenge‘ (now called simply ‘The Challenge’). Anyone interested at all in marketing themselves, their products, services or indeed making money online need to visit and join in at

I tried the 2009 30 day challenge a little late in February and didn’t have much success with my first attempt, but that is essentially the nature of the game on the Internet. However, I have experimented (probably wasted a little too much time doing this), with loads of the ideas that were given and found some to be really powerful and quickly realised that what I did wrong on my test site was something akin to overcooking.

I am happy this time to be in at the start of the challenge, where the matter of timing your efforts is already handled in some respect by the release of the modules that Ed Dale and his team will be releasing. The first will module of which will appear at 2PM (GMT).

So in my notebook, blog, writing desk, scratchpad kind of site I too will be following the journey along with many others. My anthem this year will be to ‘Beat The Clock!’. An old Sparks hit comes to mind…Here they were in 1979!! on Top of the Pops!!!


Now a tenuously related video … the moustache is the key here to an excellent one by Graham Hunt …

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