The PIRATES process for Internet Marketing

It seems I have this problem. I have to go several levels deeper than everyone else whenever I get involved in a project. So with the Internet as the project and the miracle of actually getting useful work done on it I have found I have been pondering. Not a useful way to spend your time you might think. I mean the wild west of the Internet is done by constant engagement and producing content. But this is where I will always fail…

Hold on a second, I am not completely failing here, I am in a process now of creating content and that’s good isn’t it?

When I really think about it there are some fundamentals here that need to be taken care of. I have been pondering upon what myself and other have been attempting to do and trying to get a fundamental lifecycle going. You may have seen my thoughts on evolution and my admiration of it as a process. Evolution seems to be winning in the long run on planet Earth but the lifetime of the Internet is infinitesimally smaller. It will disappear into the background as we move forward and be as complacent and ubiquitous as electricity. Our desire for global telepathy will be satisfied.

For now I need a way to move forward. I need to consider the testing and monitoring and the logic of evolution but I have created another model, though yet

very simple to deal with this in another way and to ensure that most of the work done is productive.

May I introduce to you PIRATES. I like it that the anacronym comes out like that since I have recently thrown all SEO knowledge I have out of the window and used a more anarchistic model, so PIRATEs fits in well with that metaphor.

A combination and focus on the following elements that form a project lifecycle – especially when considering moving onwards in cyberspace… PIRATES seemed to jump out at me when I was working through it but who knows what it will become as I look deeper…



  • Process – The mechanics by which the engine will move. Its definition and documentation to compare with new processes that arrive from ideas, research or evolution.
  • Ideas – The soul and creativity of the engine. The ability of the engine not to be just a mechanical device but respond to the higher dynamics of its environment.
  • Research – The previous engine plans that have been created. When the maps are created then turn them into processes and test them.
  • Action – The energy and power of the engine. The most important factor that allows it to grow.
  • Test – The eyes that steer the engine to the destination of the objective. Everything is a test and failure just a result.
  • Evolve – The ability of the engine to respond to what is there. In the absence of Ideas and Research the means of moving forward.
  • Scale – The multiplication or enlargement of the engine to reach the objective within the shortest resources available.

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