The Time of Your Life from apparently out of nowhere and the #30DC

The last few days have found me preoccupied with TIME. I can get caught up with the subject only too easily in an academical sense, but recently it is the practical side that has deeply concerned me. Then without any mention I was gifted ‘The Time Of Your Life’ by Tony Robbins. Well, no, it wasn’t Tony Robbins who gave it to me but a friend who had it – but never had the time to follow it 🙂

How strange is that!

Guess what I’ll be hooked into over the next month 🙂

Anyway back to the 30 Day Challenge progress…

I am still in the Day 1 to 4 cycle on the 30 Day Challenge and have been studying all the different ways these sites manage to get into the SERPs. With Market Samurai you can see so many unusual things going on!!! There are certainly some big operations from the East to get get sites into the search engine, with massive numbers of backlinks from apparently networks of sites. The thing is, you can easily see what everyone else is doing and where they go for backlinks. You can trace these peoples activities easily and see what other markets they are going for. You can find the successful ones and trace the other markets they are in, together with what strategies they are using to accomplish their ranking.

Stay quiet!!!

It certainly brings home to me that you do not want to provide information as easily as most and show exactly what you are doing. All the work you put in to finding the perfect niches for you can be traced and reproduced so easily by someone. I am surprised by the number of people that seem to get it right too and then apparently walk away!! I have been saying that I would leave those niches alone to be fair to the ones who are trying, but why should I? I will work that one out soon 🙂

The only problem is with staying quiet on the Internet are the overhead of having accounts and – I must get used to this idea – having pseudonyms. It all feels a bit strange, but I guess I will have to be me – just as someone else. Hopefully they guys at the 30 Day Challenge cover this and how to handle it but for now I know I have to take this seriously going forward.


The bad bit of news for me is that I will not be able to make it onto Ed Dale’s mentoring offer. If this occurred in a few months time then I would be able to jump on board but for now I will have to get those wheels spinning and not waste any more ‘time’. As I will not be on it I don’t mind advertising it…


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