Time Is Money? Well No – Money should be time

What is the one resource that truly belongs to you? What is this resource that you have during your whole life that is yours?

This one resource cannot be increased in a day, an hour, a year. This resource has within it every moment of your experience so far in this world. It is not a resource you can hoard? It is a resource though that you can waste and we are all responsible for how we use it. It is constant. Every equal moment contains an equal amount of it relatively to your own experience. Though sometimes it may pass so quickly you may not notice you have used so much of it, or it may seem to be used so slowly that you wish you could get through it quicker. It is a finite amount, one which we all have to differing degrees and once it is used it is gone – forever. It may be used to recollect how it was used before but it will be used absolutely once it has passed. We measure ourselves by it and celebrate certain points of its passing though those points have no real meaning in themselves. We can sense it passing, but not in any real way, we make devices that will show it passing, even listen to every beats of it, but those are artificial points signifying nothing of its real nature.

So how much does each person have? A lifetime? But this is such an inequality that signifies the sad moments that exist when it runs out for anyone.

It belongs to us. However we may use it. We may think that we give it to others, that our moments are spent in the service of things outside of ourselves but that is our gift. We can choose how we use it. Some aren’t aware of this and think that they have given it to someone or something else but that is again our choice. We all use it at the same real pace.

Time is the one resource that we have. That truly belongs to us.

So what of the other ways we measure our life.

There is money.

The capacity and power to make changes in our life are associated with this but its value is ever changing and always perceived differently by different people at different time. We give up our most valuable resource for it. Some may need to give a little of this resource and others a lot, in ways that seem to make some people more valuable than others, but really they are not. Money allows the distorted view that one person is more powerful and more valuable than another, but really they are not. One person may be able to do more than another in one area, but that is just one area of the sum of human experience and capability. Strangely we value certain areas more than others and money displays it.

Time though is where the value really is. This should be our only measurement, our coinage, our exchange, our trading currency.

If someone does something within a moment of time that another cannot do, then isn’t the trade really in the moment. Maybe one person can do one thing in a moment that many people need. If it saves these people many moments then cannot those moments be exchange by them to return them to the ‘someone’ who has given it.

Doesn’t something that exists, that has physical or mental structure have associated with it a true resource. It took time to create. Isn’t it possible to measure the time and exchange it for other things that are needed or desired? An expert providing things that are valuable to many will be rich in having time spent for their needs and requirements. This spending of time will be used by the efforts of other experts, doers or creators to meet them.

Think how valuable you are when you can do something in a moment that many others need many moments to achieve.

Think how you need the time of other people, with many skills and expertise on a daily basis.

Imagine a world without money, without distorted power, but the things exchanged and gifted within it being just time.

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