Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-28

  • So many people out there wanting to help others! To go from nothing to achieve what they have – except you MUST BUY their products 🙂 #
  • I know a 100 different ways of creating microniches for profit But which way is BEST for the browser who lands on your site? #seo #marketing #
  • Just watched Bob Proctor on – I understand that my Control Panel is stopping me change reality – OK Let's see… #
  • Oh and Happy Brithday Twitter – you're 4 now – and you are still keeping me awake at night!!! #
  • My control panel is broken, I must learn how to make another one… #
  • I'm about to try an experiment that will either globally embarrass me – or – force me to break my mediocrity and get on with things #goals #
  • To learn, understand and selectively use everything that Tony Robbins teaches #goals #
  • To be effective and efficient with my time so that all my goals and outcomes can be achieved #goals #
  • To learn from, meet and spend some time talking to the Dalai Lama #goals #
  • To find the best people in any interesting and important fields and ensure their expertise is available and used when needed #goals #
  • To find and work with the most imaginative, resourceful and creative people in the world #goals #
  • To have available the best music studio at any time to let out all these songs that haunt me #goals #
  • To study and understand and be competent in all subjects that are important to my goals and interests #goals #
  • To achieve one million with the year and remove future monetary obstacles #goals #
  • To learn about and become physically, spiritually and mentally healthy #goals #
  • To be a good father and provide the best resources for my children to be all that they want to be #goals #
  • To build up a significant economic presence and power that can be released later for achieving my one dream … #goals #
  • To learn and use the communication skills needed to be able to centralise a global idea … #goals #
  • To give a successful presentation at TED … #goals #
  • Create ONE system where everyone can collaborate and govern absolutely equally and effectively, to create something wonderful #goals #
  • Ensure our children never have suffer the unnecessary waste, negativity, injustice, ignorance, suffering and separation that we did #goals #
  • To learn and work towards being all that I can be and help those close to me achieve the same #goals #
  • To learn, understand and experience the beautiful universe that we live in and achieve all my other idealistic goals #goals #
  • To never spam the #goals hashtag again … right … it is done … #
  • I am amusing myself now with the image of any reader thinking – poor guy, he's gone completely mad 🙂 … maybe … anyway … and so to bed #
  • Joined FourSquare – It tells me I haven't been anywhere, I'm not a mayor of any place and HAVEN'T HAD ANY nights out 🙁 #
  • Definitely interested in SimpleGeo – loads of ideas for that!!! #
  • Shawn is rewarding himself a little time off creating microniches to look at more fascinating geotargeting APIs 🙂 #
  • I never thought I would say this but I really regret not getting an iPhone 🙁 #
  • RT @microedge: great site all web designers must read is Jakob Nielsen's website – great points 4 #30dchome too| Good Call! #
  • Such a wonderful feeling! You think your mad Just focusing on your goals and the brick wall you think will stop everything – just disappears #
  • Hehe I left my first spam comment today on a blog – I don't do this normally but the blog gave away so much useful link info unintentionally #
  • Keeping up with fast flowing tags like #marketing is nr impossible – Google Reader can't keep up – TwapperKeeper is pretty good though #30dc #
  • Test-Review-Action cycle was getting v.hectic [BUT V.useful] until I realised Market Samurai is providing all that info for free Duh! #30DC #
  • I want to write an article -how to find all the good stuff using Market Samurai – but that'll be bad on the domain owners 🙁 Oh well #
  • As a WordPress Theme and knowing a little about coding 'Thematic' is the best I have seen as yet!!! #
  • @AccessRiches Thanks for following Martin – What does LOA stand for? #
  • @Traffic_Jason Thanks for following Jason – Hope you find loads of super cool people 🙂 #
  • Now I know all about WordPress hooks, filters and actions – I didn't want to learn that right now but now I can do clever things to Thematic #
  • @blackfootbette Is to flirt on Twitter called Flitter? in reply to blackfootbette #
  • @gassho Certainly is different – Facebook friends should be kept out of it – I have tried setting up a Fan Page that's a half way measure in reply to gassho #

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