Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-25

  • The Lite goes off in Facebook #
  • Congratulations You are the 999,999th visitor !?! Those banners must be 10+ years old – Except then the numbers were lower – Much lower #
  • Google is going Places #
  • Hopefully, we can finally get round to talking about procrastination – just finish everything you need to do first #
  • Who is more important, 1 thousand people or 1 company of a thousand, which has more freedom and diversity? Who is more important? #
  • Imagine if all the wasted effort trading, hedging, betting on shares fluctuating were put back into the products, How much cheaper are they? #
  • Two companies fighting for their share of a market is a fantastic waste of resources – What if they collaborated? Or indeed didn't exist? #
  • Imagine if all the positive life teaching of the rich and famous were given freely to our children – What could they achieve? #
  • Sorry – I'm picking on twitter again – putting thoughts into 140 characters is helpful in splitting them up #
  • Imagine a search engine – not using keywords, but simple concepts, and using whatever information out there to link them together #
  • Imagination, "What If", does anyone else see how strange it is they exist in the universe? Everything IS Reality => But you can CHANGE it!?! #

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