Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-13

  • The Future of Thought Streaming: #
  • Only 20 article for HAHD so far, 60 days left – 100 to beat, 200 for the extras, 400 personal goal! Let's get writing -Apologies for that 🙂 #
  • How NORMAL are you??? How can you tell? Of course I asked Google -> Maps said I was only 3.5 miles from Normal – Phew! #
  • "Dream the impossible dream"- But please make sure you wake up!!! #
  • Fed up pandering to the amount of searches in Google. My goal is to create new ones. Get people to think of new and better things! #
  • Help – I'm having Third-Person/First-Person schizophrenia!! I am now writing my articles as I would a blog. Is that wrong? #writers #
  • Sad and shocking to see the performers of one of the greatest eras in music (around the eighties) aging – I wish I could gift immortality 🙁 #
  • "Wondrous is our great blue ship. That sails around the mighty sun. And joy to everyone that rides along"!! – ELO – Out of the Blue – Jungle #
  • If the universe was created from one point, a singularity, then why isn't everything the same, why is it so complex? #
  • All our yesterdays and memories, our tomorrows and expectations fold into one magical moment we all feel, eternal, still and constant = Now #
  • Am I the only person today not to mention the Football? – Doh! #
  • Right now 658 birds, 279 turtles & 36 mammals killed by the BP Oil spill. A person (not a corporate entity) would be jailed by now #
  • For updates on the BP Oil spill - #
  • Internet Marketing – Another Vision of the Future: #
  • @newsongstoday Thanks for the link and reminder of Bhopal! These tragic losses seem to escape any justice systems! I need to find a list… in reply to newsongstoday #
  • What organisations or people work to bringing companies to account? – for example the Bhopal disaster, BP Oil Spill etc. #oilspill #
  • Scripting Or Programming and the Balance of Getting Work Done: #
  • Islands of Information Preventing Reusable Data: #
  • Back to Programming is the Way Forward: #
  • Too Much Data Just Taking Up Space – To DB Or Not DB?: #
  • @newsongstoday This sheep is waking up too 🙂 in reply to newsongstoday #
  • @mellierosey properly may mean by consensus, 'overprotective' of children may be recongised – the key is for them to be all that they can be in reply to mellierosey #

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