Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-24

Another week of Tweeting – a bit quieter this week

  • RT @DanRaine: Just abt 2 launch my new intern prgrm. Doesn’t matter whr U R in the world, we R going 2 srt a $1M+ business…. | !! Wassat? #
  • RT @DanRaine: There is no charge to join BUT… You must prepare a 5min video on why you should be a part of it… | Excellent!! #
  • @VitalyMakarkin Thank you Vitaly – I am a bit slow on updating it, I realised I need to step it up a few gears 🙂 in reply to VitalyMakarkin #
  • @ElNani69 #likemypage is a nice idea – I’ll pop in look at your Facebook page 🙂 in reply to ElNani69 #
  • RT @DanRaine: i’m sooo looking forward 2 ths…Over the nxt 3 months we R going 2 work on ths 1 on 1 2 create an empire..| My sentiments too #
  • @daveyates Well done on the awesome award David 🙂 You deserve it – Brings back the old days – an inspiration to me in reply to daveyates #
  • @DanRaine What qualities are you looking for Dan – other than enthusiasm and willingness to do the job? in reply to DanRaine #
  • Biggest lesson of the day: Making a mistake is great – Make them often – Boy! Do you learn FAST 🙂 #
  • @DanRaine Answer given 🙂 in reply to DanRaine #
  • @Croweljsc Thank you – Interesting site – I see you watching out for anyone who might be interested on Twitter – Well done 🙂 #
  • Good Morning GMT World 🙂 Just thinking – the only country I wnt 2 B in rt now is 1 whr the clouds R underneath us – whr’s the sun #
  • The shortest possible response ? #
  • Everything is perfect – Even your oft felt feeling of imperfection through which you learn complexity comes from selective attention #
  • Market Samurai Personal Wishlist: I wish I could automate it, especially the Rank Checker module 🙂 #
  • Wrote ths whilst boarding my jet exclusively just 4u, how 2 make a mil in a min, its time limited so if U dont retweet yr out 🙂 #
  • @gurubob Is any good for what you need? in reply to gurubob #
  • @socialmediameg Thank you Meg – It was a beautiful day I believe above the clouds 🙂 in reply to socialmediameg #
  • A Tweet cn B Retweeted, so U know oftn U cn ignore it, but I kick myself when I jump on an interesting tweet that was just repeats old news #
  • @socialmediameg Thank you for the #FollowFriday Meg – have a great weekend in reply to socialmediameg #

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