Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-07

Funny I am using Twitter more for conversation but its very limited with 140 characters. With Google Buzz I have double the followers though with loads of space to write but I don’t think anyone really listens there?

  • @JeanineByers #HAHD Go 4 it Jeanine – i’m looking at advice from The Challenge atm & seeing whether I cn do it ths way in reply to JeanineByers #
  • @BBArticles “How quickly can you find Microniches? | One Step Beyond” – via @shawndm ! Thanks for the mention 🙂 in reply to BBArticles #
  • @grahunt The guy was forgiving – Thank goodness 🙂 Sounds like StarCraft must have chilled him out in reply to grahunt #
  • @daveyates Shaz Twattock & Jeremy Chino-Chambrayshirt come 2 pass judgement on R garden. | I’m hooked on ths David 🙂 in reply to daveyates #
  • @tiafsho Sigh I wish I had more followers 🙁 | Don’t worry 2 much abt that Tia – Who U follow is way more important than who follows U 🙂 #
  • @WyattTeng If you have any problems accessing the info then let us know and we’ll get it to you Wyatt #tc10 in reply to WyattTeng #
  • @WyattTeng Proxy? I find that is the way when you need to be somewhere else 🙂 Well done Wyatt in reply to WyattTeng #
  • luv the interactive transcript on Google – lk the 1 they use at – it may have bn thr 4 a while but ive only just noticed it #
  • RT @AndrewNez: Wave bye 2 Google Wave. (Will Buzz be next?) | Collaboration Tool with no Collaborators – Shame! Wave Bye! #
  • @Sue_Stones Finishing Day 1 Module 2 myself – Go for it! Sue 🙂 in reply to Sue_Stones #
  • The biggest reader of my blog is called ‘Spam’, he has a lot to say on lot’s of strange things and loves absolutely everything I do 🙂 #
  • @Sue_Stones Problem I find nowadays Sue is I desperately try to find something other than IM to spend 30 mins/day on – It’s fascinating 🙂 in reply to Sue_Stones #
  • How to gain lot’s of Twitter Followers? – I just WON £18 million !!! And I am looking for something to spend it on 🙂 #
  • @dougguitar If you are learning the essential lessons beneath each module so you can always keep them up to date – then slowly wins the race in reply to dougguitar #
  • is a great little graphics app for headers – 30 site templates done in 4 hours!! – Still 68 to go though 🙂 #
  • @awfuggit Hello World! My first Tweet. I feel like such a twit right now. | We’re all Twits here 🙂 in reply to awfuggit #
  • RT @tonyrobbins: Vit. water 33 grams sugar & a penny of vitamins..coca cola being sued … | Desperate Commerce? 🙂 #
  • [Blog Progression] Silence => Spam => Comments => Debate => Noise – At what point does a blog comment system need to become a forum? #
  • Great! 100 sites now have headers – done in 7 1/2 hours using – I used to take 2-3 hours for each one a few years ago 🙂 #
  • Really could do with the brain of @danraine right now! I wonder when we will be able to download these things #tc10 #

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